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Chad Johnson

History of Domestic Violence

8/14/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813_chad_johnson_tmzChad Johnson is no stranger to domestic violence -- TMZ has learned the former NFL star was secretly found guilty of battering a woman in 2000 ... 12 years before he allegedly struck again.

According to court records obtained by TMZ, Johnson was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery in L.A. on February 7, 2000 ... just before he began playing football for Oregon State University.

Sources close to the case tell us the victim was his GF at the time ... and she told police the football star had slapped her in the face after he accused her of cheating on him.

According to court records, Johnson -- 22 years old at the time -- pled no contest ... and the court found him guilty of domestic battery.

Johnson was sentenced to 3 years probation and ordered to serve 45 days in L.A. County Jail. But Johnson struck a deal with the court which allowed him to avoid jail ... as long as he completed 30 days of graffiti removal work with CalTrans. Johnson was also required to complete a 12 month batterer's counseling program and ordered to stay 100 yards away from the victim.

But Johnson didn't complete his probation requirements in a timely manner ... according to court records, he blew off the hard labor AND the dom. violence program for years.

After a judge tacked on an additional 15 days of graffiti removal, Johnson finally completed his legal obligations in 2002 ... when he was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Now, Johnson finds himself in a similar situation ... having been accused of battering a woman once again ... his wife Evelyn Lozada.

Johnson told police he did nothing wrong this time around. He's expected back in court soon to enter his plea.

We called Johnson's lawyer. He had no comment.


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No Avatar


Only in LA you hit a woman and your sentence is graffiti removal. I have one question how can California jails be overcrowded when nobody really has to serve time in jail.

809 days ago

queen love    

Hey, I don't condone violence, but quit it TMZ, this guy is not "Jack the Ripper".

809 days ago


I bet when he was yelling I don't care about my career" Evelyn was threatening him and saying I'm gonna ruin your career watch I'm gonna take all your money!! She most definitely flipped out and he most definitely head butted her *** to get her off him. At the end of the day yea he hit someone in the past but Evelyn tried fighting like 4 people on the show and supposedly "She's about that life" People please do not be fooled obviously Chad is stupid but Evelyn is the type of little girl that welcomes violence. She's the chick that also needs anger management. She's a ghetto hood rat and is no innocent scared victim like she's trying to make it seem. She talks like a man and is always saying she will kill whoever, beat whoever. She even threw a glass bottle at someones head. She's an instigator and is just as bad as Chad!

809 days ago


Eighth Fockers!

809 days ago


Oops sorry Hun I slipped. My head gets heavy and knockes you out . My bad

809 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

This idiot is really falling hard. So far so good.

809 days ago


LOL I guess you are one of those blind people that turn their heads when they see egotistical, self centered, self obsorbent, angry, selfish, greedy characters on TV and in the media. I guess your one of those sexist people that believe only men are capable of being violent. I guess your one of those people who live in the suburbs and just can't fathom how manipulative and ghetto some people really are. This chick is not stupid and has a track record for being Grimey. She took the money from her ex and started a store the money wasn't hers. She's money hungry. She has a big ego just like Chad. She told the dude he could cheat then flipped out when he actually did it. Let's be realistic here. If she questioned him calmly about the receipt for condoms this would not have escalated. Issue most definitely pushed his buttons because guess what, whether you want to believe it or not cuz your a die hard fan your idol is vindictive. She will always get what she wants how she wants even revenge just like she played out on the tv show she is now playing out in real life. So much for production after getting bumped on the head. How does one person get involved in so many domestic disputes in so little time.

I know your a die hard fan and you look up to this broken woman and I hate to break to you but your clouded fantasy version of Evelyn is innnaccurate.

Check her blogs. Check her twitter. Watch her charecter on tv. Listen to how her own daughter reacts to her 36 year old mother who behaves like a child. All of it lines up and is an accurate representation of Evelyn's poor charecter.

809 days ago


Reminds me of the old Clint Eastwood movie — HANG 'EM HIGH!!!

809 days ago


New they would eventually say this. Duh of course he has a record. Now where's hers?

809 days ago


In a Bronx accent:

"You done messed up, son!"

809 days ago


Evelyn, "Bahaha I told you id destroy you, next is your bank before its depleted." #boom

809 days ago


Ev is getting payback for all the bullying and beating up she herself did on Basketball WIves... I truly DO NOT feel sorry for her.. In addition, he straight up told her that he wasn't GOING TO CHANGE when he got married.... so... next time, Chad, just leave the receipt AND the condoms on the kitchen table...

809 days ago


I'm not into the whole violence thing, but a slap in the face? Hardly a "Chris Brown." I don't know what happened way back then, but in this case, I'm sure Evelyn was the instigator. Let's compare their track records and see who has been the most violent over the years. Yeah, he's guilty alright, guilty of picking ghetto fabulous women to get involved with.

809 days ago


Am I the only one who did the math , when he was 22 how could he still be in college much less "before he played" at Oregon State? Turns out CJ is a retard, go figure.

809 days ago

Dom The Mover    

Smack my Beotch up!

809 days ago
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