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Kristen Stewart


She's the Fall Guy

8/16/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0815_kristen_stewart_rupert_sanders_fameflynet-DATEKristen Stewart has publicly shown remorse over her affair with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, but privately she is FURIOUS she's taking all the heat ... sources directly connected with Kristen tell TMZ.

Our sources tell us ... Kristen can't believe the public isn't painting Rupert Sanders as the bad guy.  She's grousing that he's 19 years her senior and was "in a position of power over her" ... being a director of a movie she had just shot and presumably someone she was going to work with again.

Kristen is also incensed that she's being called the big cheater. Although she knows she shouldn't have done it because she was in a committed relationship with Robert Pattinson, she feels Rupert is in a totally different and far more culpable situation, being married with 2 kids.

We're told Kristen fears her career may be irreparably damaged -- something she believes she doesn't deserve as a 22-year-old single woman who made a stupid mistake.


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She's pissed cuz she just doesn't FEEL like dealing with it.

She probably has that bloody smug look in her face while she rolls her eyes.

If she doesn't change that stinkin attitude, I think she will fall by the wayside.

798 days ago


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798 days ago


As soon as the last Twilight movie has played, her career will die a slow death. Her popularity was only because of Twilight. She hated the attention so, not to worry Kristen, the attention will fade away. She is a bad actress with no morals and a horrible attitude and foul mouth. Live with your bad choices, Kristen, because Rob and Liberty and kids have to, also.

798 days ago

Poor Leno    

Buhu! Stop complaing bitch now you had old penis loving, and in my book you're a oifficial hoe!

798 days ago


she slept with a married man. Tehy're both hollywood a-holes I couldn't care less about.

798 days ago


Wheres Gloria Allred when you need her?? 👸

798 days ago


If you can't stand the heat, keep your legs closed, Baby. The fallout is well earned when you repeatedly ALLOW a guy to "fall in" to your orifices with no regard to damaging the innocents attached to both of your lives. STFU and learn from this.

798 days ago


I really do feel bad for Kristen yes she made a mistake and yes it was a big mistake and she has to deal with it and live with it but she is so young and how many star cheat on there love ones ..a lot of them do but i think that ppl aka twilight fan are taking it as like Bella and Edward broke up.. but she is the only one that is getting all the bad press about it and it is not fair at all ..but this always happen if a famous woman cheat she gets the worst of it and if a famous man cheats on his wife they get off with it and it is not fair at all and this is what is happen to kristen ..people just need to let it go and leave her be not this is something that her and rob need to deal with she is not a bed person or a actor she just made a really bad mistake and she will learn from that and she will be fine

798 days ago


She needs to stop being whiny , shut up and deal with the consequences. Boo-Hoo somewhere else.

798 days ago


Day after day I deal with people that have no intention of taking responsibility for their own actions. She knew it was wrong, she did it anyway. Case closed.

798 days ago


They both are in the wrong. Kirsten and Rupert both chose to have the affair. Rupert did not put a gun to her head. She is an adult, she made her bed now she has to lay in it. There is a consequence for everything. I have no remorse for either Kirsten or Rupert. Only innocent ones are the ones that are hurt by the affair.

798 days ago


If the above picture is supposed to be a candid shot, I can't help but notice that her facial expression is the same as it is in her movies.

This is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Surely she is not that unanimated in real life.

798 days ago


i have no sympathy for her, she made the choice to cheat so now be a big girl and take the heat!!! maybe next time she will do it behind closed doors and not in public to be seen and photographed, LMAO.....

798 days ago


Can you say Meg Ryan? even though her husband at the time Dennis Quaid had a 8 year run with a coke habit going and had many affairs during the marriage......and Leanne Rimes, you may not like her but a married guy did, and the ex is still bringing it up about 5 years later....and on it goes the women always take the heat.

798 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Welcome to the real world, sistah, life ain't fair.

798 days ago
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