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Vince Neil

BLOWS UP on Valet --


8/27/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vince Neil
exploded on a group of parking attendants at the Planet Hollywood in Vegas last week -- banging on windows and screaming "GIVE ME MY F**KING CAR" ... and the outburst was all caught on tape.

It's unclear why the Mötley Crüe singer was so pissed -- and he was REALLY pissed -- but according to sources on scene, Vince flew off the handle when the valet refused to return his Rolls-Royce.

In the video, you can see Vince walk over to the valet booth, yelling, "Give me my f**king car! Give me my f**king car! Give me my car!" -- and then bang on the window.

Vince continues, "Call the police! This is my car. What the f**k is wrong with you?"

We're told the parking attendants wouldn't hand over the vehicle because Vince couldn't produce a parking ticket. You can hear Vince respond in the video, saying, "They didn't give me a f**king ticket!"

According to sources, police were called to the scene -- but by the time they arrived, Vince had already taken off ... and the valet company decided against filing a report. So that's that.

Calls to Vince Neil's camp were not returned.


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I used to pass his house in LV coming home from work everyday; if I had that kind of cash, no way would I be living on a main street. Michael Jackson was living in the same neighborhood but at least was kind of hidden away.

756 days ago


Vince dear, yes
you did get a ticket,
You always get one
when you valet.
I've forgotton mine before
but we'll forgive you because
you're a freaking rock star man!

756 days ago


Motley Crue sucks and has always sucked
Mental midget rock n roll

756 days ago


I guess hard rock stars can be divas just like women pop stars. Looks like Vince Neil was "shouting at the devils" who wouldn't give him his freakin car back. Vince probably didn't want to miss seeing some new girl in Vegas who was taking it all off at a Vegas strip club ... and at his hotel room later. I'd be ticked off too. :)

756 days ago


He's gained a lot of weight. Keg belly.

756 days ago

king Leonidas    

What's the rush my dude? Chillax Get yourself a room at Planet Hollywood and pull A prince Harry. Life is too short chill man

756 days ago

Big Rog    

Vince Neil?? He is a rude piece of washed up fat garbage. I met him once at a concert and he refused to give me an autograph ON HIS ALBUM because I am not a female. That was his words! I threw away the shout at the devil album after that and refuse to listen to anything Vince Neil! Waaaaa get all mad like you did at the 9$ concert you did a few years back in my town, he walked off the stage and refused to sing anymore until people payed more attention to him. He got boo'd out and the next group came on! He was all over the news the next day about it, little has been!!

756 days ago



756 days ago


Typical Vince :))))

756 days ago


I think it's funny that Vince could not stand Axl Rose back in the day because of the way he treated people and because of his temper. Hmm Who's got the problem now.? Hope Axl is somwhere watching this laughing his ass off :)

756 days ago


Fat arse...try talking nicely to people...

756 days ago


Look at that fat gut tucked into those skinny jeans!

756 days ago


This stupid ass has been living in Vegas for how long now & he didn't get a ticket from the valet??? What a moron. Seriously.

756 days ago


First off all of you people saying who cares and he's a burnout you're full of it. If that was your Rolls and the valet was giving you'd crap you'd be pissed too. The valet company is crappy, I was a valet at a hotel for over a year and we knew who the high rollers were and who wasn't. The average schmuck doesn't drive a rolls. Even if they didn't have a ticket there are plenty of other things to verify who he is and that it's his car, they were just being pricks

756 days ago



756 days ago
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