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Katy Perry

$20 Mil 'Idol' Offer


8/25/2012 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" desperately wanted Katy Perry to fill one of its vacant judge's seats, so much so,  they offered her $20 MILLION ... but she she still turned it down ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ ... "Idol" pursued Perry relentlessly for weeks, eager to get her to sign on the dotted line. According to our sources, they started the offer at $18 million, but threw even more cash on the table ... $20 MILLION for a one year contract!!!

We're told Katy made it clear ... she was NOT interested and money wasn't the issue.

Sources tell us ... aside from the fact that Katy's schedule made it impossible to do the show ... she just didn't think it was right career choice for her.

Mariah must be one pissed, $18 million judge.


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20 million is what Perry turns down .

No talented Kardasians gets offered 40mil and take it.

Thats where the talented and untalented lie

756 days ago


I heard Idol offered 1000 bucks to Harvey to spread stupid OTT rumors.

756 days ago


Does anyone really think that she has enough experience in the music industry to judge this show? The cold hard reality is that IDOL should go out on top with dignity. Their begging for judges is just embarrassing.

756 days ago


There are very few truly talented artists out there. Not much to pick from artist-wise. Nobody wants to hear what a judge has to say when they can't sing themselves without lip-syncing or the help of simulated voice overs.

756 days ago


I wonder why she thinks it's not a good career move? It made JLo a star again, so its not like it would do harm to her career, and it's only for 3 months out of the year. Whatev, they need a guy anyway

756 days ago


Katy is too busy getting her slit and ass widened by different men to get involved in Idol. So Sweet!

756 days ago


Katy, no way! I remember the days of the several women judges, it was awful! (Ellen, Kara and Paula)...ewww. So listen up IDOL... men, men and more men judges please: How about:
TOMMY LEE, OR ELTON JOHN OR USHER, or BRET MICHEALS (look at all the success of The Voice! Women want men judges! (And more women than men watch idol!)

756 days ago


Unlike the judges in the past, Katy doesn't need whore herself out to idol to boost her career.

756 days ago


Rich, you are killing me! LMAO!!! So what IS a troll? I'm being serious because I really don't know. Educate me, please. Thanks!

756 days ago


There we go, trying to stir up controversy. And the simple minded ones will fall for it. Mariah pissed? Over 18 million? Who in the--- what sane individual would be angry over X-million of any dollars!? LOL. Shut up TMZ. I am so glad Katy didn't accept because lord, her voice is goats-ville LIVE. And yes, I know this from plenty of experience watching her. I wish Lenny Kravitz would take it!

756 days ago


Carey should not be pissed. She isn;t hot as Perry is n=right now. Perry made the right call, AI is done. its jumping the shark now. and since its a schedule plus not wanted its a double bonus.

756 days ago


Mariah Carey is old and used up. Katy is young and fresh!

756 days ago


20 million to give your voice a rest for a few months? why not?

756 days ago


They should offer Octomom the money to do the show.

756 days ago


For all we know, Katy might already have 5-6 really good songs for her next album ready to go. Then another massive world tour in big arenas beginning in late 2013. She made a ton of money in 2011 from her tour and record sales. Like $50 million or something. She's bigtime.9*

I think Katy is about to do another "Smurfs" movie that might make her $10 million or so. For all we know, some big movie studio has really big plans for her to star in a big budget, epic movie. If her schedule wasn't so jam packed, she could have been in that hit movie "The Help" where a few of the people won Oscars.

Face it, Katy Perry is a very talented, hot looking musician. She's totally earned it too.

Katy's been trying to make it big in the music business since she was about 14 years old. Go watch Katy's 3D movie for details. She's certainly "paid her dues" and earned her money. She just tied Michael Jackson for the most "Hot 100" #1 hits from a single album. No other female musician has done that. She could have broken that record if her song "The One That Got Away" made it from #3 to #1.

756 days ago
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