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By Home Owners

8/25/2012 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is PERSONA NON GRATA in the world of house rentals ... because no home owner is willing to rent their digs to the infamous mom and now she fears becoming homeless ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Octo needs a new house to stash her 14-kid brood because her old house is being foreclosed.

Sources close to Octo tell us she recently found a house in Orange County to rent for $2,700 a month, but the owner rejected her application out-right ... even though she sweetened the pot and offered to pay seven months rent upfront.

We're told Octo's agent asked why the homeowners weren't down with Octo occupying their crib -- and their real estate agent replied on their behalf saying, "They do not want to subject the neighbors to the media involved with the client."

Our sources say this is the third house Octo has been rejected from, all for the same reason.

It's bad news for O-mom ... we're told renting is her only option right now because she doesn't have the dough needed to buy a house. She scared that if the bias continues, she'll have nowhere to live.

We hear Mexico is nice.


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Here's a tip: Look for homes beyond Orange County.

758 days ago


I thought she lived in a shoe.

758 days ago


Why can't she afford to buy a house?? Didn't she just do a porno and strip and have you seen the commercials she is doing where is her money???

758 days ago


What a bunch of nasty people on here. The lady needs help and has struggled publically while everyone has been entertained by her suffering. I would be happy to see her get some security and stability for her both her and her children. They need their Mom and no doubt love her as she does them. If I had the means, I would help her and I know their are people who out there can. Stop judgeing and start being mature about someone in need. As if we are all so perfect .... she just had a family that many had in numbers years ago and were not crucified. The arrogance of humanity. Have compassion and love for these kids and their Mother.

758 days ago

Krispy Krentcil    

imagine a pleasant morning outside with some coffee... and right next door is bedlam... octocrummy and her miserable filthy brats dumping and tossing grunt and just wait till they start climbing...into your backyard...the more mobile they get, the more dangerous they become...just wait till they start "wanting" things they never will have...this filthy pig has unleashed future monsters upon society...

758 days ago


Why can't we all just get along? Oh Sh*yt that was a different thread.

758 days ago


How about getting to the point of the mess this woman is in.
We should make the DOCTORS that artificially inseminated this very stupid woman and make THEM pay for the kids until they are of age.

758 days ago


She needs to get a job and learn how to live making her own money and surviving like we all are trying to do. The doc that did this for her to have more kids should also be paying for these kids. Shame on him.

758 days ago


So she can afford 7 months of rent though? What about the current one they're living in? She can't clean the mess up? I can understand the other owners. If I were them, I wouldn't want her living in the house... as a neighbor... hellllll no.

I feel bad for the kids though.

758 days ago

Krispy Krentcil    

if anybody really wants to help octocrummy and her laboratory rats just send over a few boxes of those vintage lawn darts... boy, just wait till the age 10 or 11 "mentally handicapped" kid starts playing with fire...
(he's the one who gets blamed for the graffiti destruction and violence) nobody better give him a bow & arrow for Xmas... flaming arrows all over the neighborhood...

758 days ago

Mason H    

She's already got a new home... From her own post on gofundaho dot com: "

Updated posted by Nadya Suleman 3 days ago

Looking to get furniture for the...

Looking to get furniture for the new home, need couches, tables, beds. If you know of somewhere cheap please let me know. :) Thank you!"

It would appear she's now hoping for some free new furniture to fill up her new place. Guess she left all the old stuff at her last house for the bank to clean up. That's how it works... if you've had furniture for a year or two and you think you're a star, just throw it away and beg for more!

758 days ago


Hardcore, gangbang, bukkake, porn film + other fetishes thrown in for good measure for a couple of million will take care of all her problems. I'm sure Vivid would pony up a few million for something like that.

758 days ago


Alright social services get kids and find a good home who isn't whoring out in front of the media

758 days ago


OMG! SERUOUSLY! If this dumb B***H can afford to rent she can own a home. Maybe she just live within her means....OH WAIT already screwed that up b having too many kids with NO MONEY BUT TAXPAYERS DOLLARS TO PAY FOR IT!!! Take those kids away from this stupid excuse for a parent and cut her damn tubes. OMG HOLLYWEIRD IS SOOOOOOO DUMB!

758 days ago


Why can't she get section eight. Doesn't 14 kids with no income qualify? She need to get off her high horse and go and apply for some more government assistance!

758 days ago
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