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By Home Owners

8/25/2012 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is PERSONA NON GRATA in the world of house rentals ... because no home owner is willing to rent their digs to the infamous mom and now she fears becoming homeless ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Octo needs a new house to stash her 14-kid brood because her old house is being foreclosed.

Sources close to Octo tell us she recently found a house in Orange County to rent for $2,700 a month, but the owner rejected her application out-right ... even though she sweetened the pot and offered to pay seven months rent upfront.

We're told Octo's agent asked why the homeowners weren't down with Octo occupying their crib -- and their real estate agent replied on their behalf saying, "They do not want to subject the neighbors to the media involved with the client."

Our sources say this is the third house Octo has been rejected from, all for the same reason.

It's bad news for O-mom ... we're told renting is her only option right now because she doesn't have the dough needed to buy a house. She scared that if the bias continues, she'll have nowhere to live.

We hear Mexico is nice.


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rash on my ass    

this is funny watch lmao

765 days ago

Miriam L. Wright    

is she really shocked that no one will rent to her? she has filthy ways and basically trashed her last home.

765 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Something tells me this might be a ploy to get a new home by claiming she CAN'T rent. I wonder if her FundMe account sees any increased activity once news spreads.

I'm with TMZ. Mexico is nice.

765 days ago

Bitch please    

First off Ewwwww shes gross. Its pathetic that she doesnt have enough money from doing those disgusting things that she did to put a down payment on a house. Perhaps in Lancaster or Bakersfield, California where they have alot of trashy people and cheap homes she might be able to afford.

765 days ago


Octos*** can lick my ooo-long tea bag...She is looking more and more like a tranny...Why won't the authorities stop this scheister? Maybe she could do donkey shows in Tijuana? I'd pay $5 to risk my life down there...

765 days ago


What an ugly ho.....

765 days ago


If Octo-idiot was willing to slum it in Lancaster or Bakersfield she'd own a house- but instead she blew all her money on plastic surgery and still wants to live in OC. Bet she blew all her stripper money on IVF for another litter. If 14 kids doesn't get a show she'll just have to pop out more.

765 days ago


Giving birth doesn't make this woman a mother. And we know she deliberately sought out this path. Its not always best for the kids to stay together. Their welfare should be paramount. So I hope the authorities step in and take them away from this self absorbed nutcase.. Staying with Octomom will seriously f**k them up. They will never get the attention or stability they need with this idiot.

765 days ago

Darnetta J Cowan    

The rental companies are WRONG for what they are doing. I can't believe that they are refusing her. It's not her fault for the media or press "The media / press is the blame, so Blame the media." The young woman has 7 months of rent up front , For crying out loud RENT HER A DAMN APARTMENT!!!
I SURE hope she sue ever one that refused her ! !
Because they are WRONG!!!!
I REALLY feel sorry for the children.

765 days ago


So rent at $2,700 per month X 7 months in advance comes out to be about $18,900 down on a house. Is she aware that with the market values right now across the U.S., she can pretty much buy a home with that money across the country?? In a major city near me, you can buy a home right now for $1,500 cash. Thats lots of $$ left over to feed your children! Not that i want to contribute to feed her kids once that runs out, but i'm just sayin'.... of course she needs the Hollywood cameras so people wont forget about her - oh Nadya, what were u thinking????

765 days ago


Why doesn't she ask one of her many "fans" tosupply her and her 14 kids a home on her website? one wants to rent to her because her previous home was in such disrepair due to her and her kids. Ahhhh the price of fame (or should i say infamy!)

764 days ago


I wish she would get the sense and compassion enough to farm some of her kids out to loving, stable homes. What a sad situation she brought these innocent souls into.

764 days ago


"We hear Mexico is nice. " Zing!

764 days ago


Too bad she's not living in Mi I help her find a home for her and the kids! The need a big back yard!

764 days ago


Octo-idiot can't move from CA because all her kids get Medi-Cal. The litter qualified at birth. She's better off having no money and taking advantage of all the services to the poor California has. With a family of 14, the California tax payers will pick up all of the health care for all of the Octo-brats even if Nutya makes a decent income.

Octo-stripper has blown thru so much money, you gotta wonder if she's paid taxes on everything or committed any other kind of fraud. Best chance at her litter being removed from the home might be if Nutya getting caught for tax evasion.

764 days ago
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