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Mark Zuckerberg

Alleged Stalker Claims

FB CEO Attacked Him

9/4/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Zuckerberg's alleged stalker -- who had to leave the U.S. last year -- is now trying to turn the tables with a defamation lawsuit which claims Zuck tried to have him killed.

As TMZ first reported, Zuckerberg obtained a restraining order against Pradeep Manukonda back in February 2011, after Manukonda allegedly sent Zuck threatening messages, and showed up at his home. Manukonda eventually agreed to return to his native India.

Now Manukonda has filed suit in an Indian court against Zuckerberg and a local politician -- claiming they're responsible for multiple attacks against him ... including one where he was "stabbed from the back side."

In the suit, Manukonda also accuses Zuckerberg of making a fake Facebook page (see below) that says he's a member of al-Qaeda. 


Shockingly, a judge issued a court order back in February barring Zuckerberg from doing anything that damages Manukonda's reputation.

The whole case sounds far-fetched, but Pradeep says a hearing is scheduled next week in India.

Facebook declined to comment.


No Avatar


Hmm!!...Last time the Indian farkin couple accused of Norway for kidnapping their kids which was false...Now here another Indian no body starting fire again with an American citizen...hmm!!....Are you Indians nuts? Stay out of our Countries douches.

781 days ago


Maybe this guy along with others are trying to find out were half the money went since investing in facebook.

781 days ago


he's definitely getting banned from facebook for life.

781 days ago


Stabbed in the back side?. Does that mean stabbed in the ass?

781 days ago


Zuckerberg looks like he smelled something bad... I smell it too.

781 days ago


Shocking, because Zuckerberg has no history of doing anything shady with posts of other people's photos or with Facebook generally.

781 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Americans use this story as an excuse to be racist. Big shocker there.

781 days ago


Little boys with a lot of money and power are capable of anything. They feel entitled. FB is the worse thing to happen to productivity and conversation.

781 days ago


Way i see, he is the one who stubbed the US in the back.foreigners(me included) should always respect the host country. How about stay in your own country if you can't stay out of trouble. He should never be issued a visa to any other country for the safety of their citizens. I bet he also created that fake fb page as well to milk money from Mark.

781 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

What, does this guy need money for a 7-11 or an Aplus and that's the real motive behind his suit. The guy does look like an Al Qaeda associate. Don't be made at mark because he's stating the obvious. Go face book.
Phishie from Philly

781 days ago


America is becoming the insane asylum of the world. Send us your crazies and your violent. We'll feed them, clothe them and drug them. When they kill one of us we'll pat their little heads and say it's not their fault. America. Land of so many opportunities.

781 days ago


Gosh, aren't you little parrots hysterical with your curry comments.

Zuckerberg and his stupid FB suck. Keep on stalking stalkers!

781 days ago


Facebook Sukks big balla

781 days ago


I'm tired of Facebook and that restarted twitter bird

781 days ago


All I DO know is that this site it FULL of racist Dbag. It doesn't mater what colour you are if you ain't white you ain't right. The guy could be (and probably is ) full if it but how is that an indictment against anyone who's Indian? The first commenter has ALL Indians wanting to "start a fire against an American" ...I mean WTF..really, that's the way you see it? So some other Indian dude...IN NORWAY was lying so ALL Indians are liars? Then you have a "they smell" ...another idiot manages to bring Mexicans into it, "if you STAB them does curry come out" I'm not sure which is worse, the fact you want to STAB someone or a pathetic curry comment. If this dude was white nothing would be mentioned of his race, he would simply be looked at as the probably liar this guy is. If you're a person of colour you seem to have to represent every single person on the planet that is your nationality. White people are NEVER held to that standard. If that were the case then all white people would be pedophile white collar criminals. Here's the funny thing, when I read comment on this site there are always the same people who will inevitably say "watch him pull the race card now" If this site is a cross section of attitudes on people of colour then you DAMN RIGHT there is a race card to be pulled. Look at ANY story on a person of colour and within 7 comments someone will have made a racial slur and yet... "watch him pull the race card" like you pretend race in never an issue and all people are judged equally, you'll say, what's wrong with THESE people, what MORE do they want? I tell you, people want to judged as an individual not as a representative of their entire race! Grow the F V ck up people!
I'm sure I'll get lots of hate clicks for telling the truth but what the hell, too bad. All I can say is next time you go to write "watch him pull the race card" just think of you're own attitudes and ask your self if maybe just MAYBE the person came across someone with YOUR attitude toward race and you'll see the person might, just might be telling the truth and race was an issue.
I'm sure there are good hearted people out there that don't think that way and do in fact see people as individuals but it's people like a lot on this site that make you look bad. Good people out there might want to speak out more so we don't have to read poisonous comments like the crap that fills this site. We need more peace in the world not hate! Love your fellow man, we ALL have to live on this planet!

781 days ago
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