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Paul Nassif

My Gun Protects Me

From Crazy NBA Fans

9/10/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0908-paul-nassif-adrienne-maloof-tmzPaul Nassif fired back at his estranged wife's claims that carrying a gun puts his children in danger ... stating the weapon is strictly for protection -- from crazy, pissed off Sacramento Kings fans.

Let us explain ... in a declaration filed in the couple's nasty custody battle -- Paul cops to packing heat for the last 9 years (as alleged by Adrienne Maloof in a previous statement) ... but is ADAMANT he has good reason to think his family is at risk and therefore needs a gun.

Paul says that since his sons are the sole heirs to a BILLION-DOLLAR estate they're an easy target. But there's more ...

Paul says he and his estranged wife -- whose family owns the Kings -- have been inundated with threats over the last year ... all because they're contemplating moving the Kings out of Sacramento to Virginia City -- a move that has Kings fans up in arms.

Paul says the tension with the team, combined with their large fortune, puts them in constant life-threatening situations.

Hence the fire power.



No Avatar


I don't know these people, but I assume they are yet another set of losers with a reality show. They look like they should be put out to pasture with feedbags attatched to them. Is he a plastic surgeon or a veterinarian?

713 days ago


these two could be twins

713 days ago


It's not against the law to carry a gun if he has a permit. Not like those nasty lips this bitch has, those should be against the law.

713 days ago


Virginia Beach, not Virginia City. There's a pretty big difference between the two...about 1,400 miles.

713 days ago

Jay W.     

The guy is smart to be packing. Extreme wealth combined with being a high profile person can be dangerous.

713 days ago


The fan's in Sac will take all you got plus Gammy's false teeth...

713 days ago


I seriously doubt there would any threats relating to the Kings leaving Sacramento. They can leave and take the mayor with them.

713 days ago

She's baaaack    

I am armed in my home and I have a carry permit and I do carry. I honestly hope I don't have to shoot anyone but if I have to I have to. I just hope I have time to see the surprise when I pull out my automatic and aim it at that sweet spot just above their eyes

713 days ago

Glory Bee    

The time to object to your husband's weapons is before you marry him. Don't like guns? Don't marry a gun owner. And contrary to comments earlier, being a KNOWN gun carrier IS a detriment to crime. Not just my opinion, but a fact.

713 days ago


He's been carrying a gun for NINE years and it's only now become a problem for her?

713 days ago


Is this guy serious? They don't even live in Sacamento.

713 days ago


As a Sacramento resident and Kings fan I can safely say no one gives a crap about this clown. On the other hand if a bus struck Joe, Gavin or George no one would shed a tear.

712 days ago


I bet you Adrienne regrets ever being filmed on RHOBH now. She didn't need the money or exposure and now she is being ridiculed for it.
Paul and her also reaping what they sowed with that other goofy, duck lipped wife when they ridiculed her on tv about her husband socking her up. What goes around, comes around and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if the other phony wife and her hubby don't get along either.
Keep making a mockery of your lives on tv for all to see.
Why can't they hire someone sober who would give them sound advice about that?

712 days ago


Virginia Beach not Virginia City. Virginia City is a small ghost town in the Nevada mountains..... not really a good pick for a NBA team.

712 days ago


Sounds like the She-Maloof didn't have a problem with the gun, for the past nine years, until the She-Maloof could use it against him in the divorce. NOW, it's a completely different story.

711 days ago
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