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Lattimer from 'The Program'


9/14/2012 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Program" star Andrew Bryniarski has finally reunited with his 25 beloved puppies -- after animal cruelty charges against the actor were dropped yesterday, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Santa Monica police arrested Bryniarski last weekend, claiming he had left 25 starving dogs unattended in a mobile home that smelled like urine.

But yesterday, the charges were dropped because the dogs all checked out "healthy and happy" ... as Bryniarski had insisted from the beginning, claiming he was raising the dogs for adoption.

Bryniarski picked up his dogs moments ago at the Santa Monica Animal Shelter, where they had been staying since his arrest, and the emotional reunion was all caught on tape.

Check out the footage ... it's adorable.


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I love that he is rescuing these sweet pups, how do we contact him about adopting one?

732 days ago


oh yeah, those dogs look 'real happy'...horrible, how many in one cage, how hot is it there, locked in those cages, locked in a beat up RV....this makes me sick, breeding this animals, living one on top of each other, for money. those poor dogs need to be free, able to run, move, etc...this IS cruel and those poor little dogs can do absolutely nothing about it, they're probably locked in those cages all day long. makes me sick.

732 days ago

oh holland    

This jerk s not rescuing dogs -- he's raising and selling them!

Animal Control could not make the charges stick because it's woefully difficult to mount a case of animal cruelty. Just try and get the City Attorney to take it on. So many legit cases of abuse and neglect go unprosecuted. No exception here.

These poor dogs ...

732 days ago


As long as he's taking good care of the dogs, he's a hero in my book. Awesome thing he's doing to help them!

732 days ago


I"m glad he got the dogs Back now he can continue to do the right thing and rescue More animals and Find Homes for them...

732 days ago


caged up dogs are NOT happy, think about it

732 days ago


This is NOT rescue, people. Animal Control confiscated the dogs and had to give them back because it's typical for these kinds of cases to be ignored in our courts. Too many hoarders out there getting away with this. These dogs are LIVING in crammed cages in record heat in a trailer. Yeah, great life. If your intentions are to adopt them out - do just that. Post on and then sell the trailer and stop breeding. Get out of the 'rescue' business.

732 days ago


Great news Andrew...take care brother

732 days ago


Cages are stacked on top of other cages . . .
Dogs underneath get pissed on & crapped on by the dogs in the top cages ??

732 days ago


No one should be allowed to have TWENTY-FIVE (25) dogs inside an RV/ motorhome.
Unless these dogs are being adopted out within 48 hours . . . this is not the place "to be raised for adoption."

732 days ago


Hearing 25 barking dogs . . .
Imagine that RV parked in your neighborhood.

732 days ago


Los Angeles shelters are FILLED with cute little dogs, including purebreds. This guy is not doing anybody any favors. He needs to FIX all of these animals and ask a legit rescue to help find them homes. He should stick to acting and if he's that desperate to help with animal rescue, he should volunteer at a legit shelter and/or humane society. Driving dogs living in cages around in a truck is not RESCUE. It's inhumane and he's lucky the courts don't take a lot of these cases seriously.

732 days ago


Big John was on murray was on your side! He knew the real you.

732 days ago


Wow, way for law enforcement to jump the gun. Arrest/sieze first and ask questions later? Those dogs don't look the least bit mistreated. I'm glad everything was resolved quickly, and in his favor, so he can get back to the business of helping these sweet puppies!

730 days ago


Hey TMZ how about a follow up on this case??? A lot of us are curious as to what dear Andy is doing with these dogs now. Funny in all these reports not one of them mention the name of where he claims to have these dogs up for adoption.

671 days ago
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