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'All That' Star

Lindsay's a HYPOCRITE

For Criticizing Amanda

9/20/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Nickelodeon actor Danny Tamberelli -- who starred on "All That" with Amanda Bynes back in the day -- is coming to the troubled actress' defense ... telling TMZ, Lindsay Lohan has NO RIGHT to call the kettle black.

As we reported, Lindsay bashed Amanda on Twitter after Amanda's car was impounded on Sunday, writing, "Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?"

We reached out to Danny for his thoughts -- because he's the man -- and he responded, “Given her own history with the law, it’s absurd that [Lindsay] would be so quick to judge another young woman under this kind of public scrutiny.“

Danny says, "Nickelodeon was nothing short of amazing to work for and they had their watchful eye on us all. They took care of us and tried not to let us go down the wrong path."

Danny adds, he's "very sorry to hear about Amanda’s recent trouble with the law” and “hopes she can find the support she needs to work through any issues that may be going on."

FYI ... the 30-year-old former child actor -- also famous for his role as Pete on "Pete & Pete" -- has since given up on Hollywood (for now) and currently spends his time playing bass for his band Jounce.


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Since 99% of all "stars" would be considered losers to the average person if not for their fame and career...who cares if one loser calls another loser a hypocrite? They got where they are by chance, sex and the "star maker" machine. The best actors, singers, comedians in the world you will never hear of because the machine never grabbed them. The average person is dumb enough to think any of these clowns actually resemble (in real life) the roles they play. You need only watch interviews of Robert Deniro or Al Pacino to see this fast.

763 days ago


I agree that Lindsay had some nerve jumping on Amanda. Lindsay should stfu and worry about her own messed up family. Her father went public against her yesterday regarding this most recent alleged collision with a human being, suggesting that Lindsay was probably drunk. It is unforgiveable for him to speak against her in that way, especially in public, and if she wasn't so weak and damaged, she would walk away from her greedy, self-serving parents and construct a better path for her future and her siblings.

763 days ago


Lindsay wasn't bashing Amanda, she was trying, albeit clumsily, to make that point that she felt treated more harshly by the judge because of who she was. This "Amanda-bashing" story is starting to really irritate me, not because I care two hoots about either woman, but I am irritated by the stupidity of both TMZ and of the commentators, to have mis-interpreted someone's words so unthinkingly.

763 days ago


I love that guy. Pete & Pete was an awesome show

763 days ago


Amanda is addicted to crack. It's not like thousands of actors before her haven't done the same thing. Too much boredom, too much repetition, and too much money leads to an addiction escape.

763 days ago


They are both drugged out of their mind. Two people who just are clueless and think they are invincible. How could anyone ever hire one of these two?

763 days ago


That was the dumbest show I have ever seen.

763 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Here come the cat fight live on twitter. What will Lindsay say about what Amanda and her supporters are saying about her? This is just getting started people's. Who's got the popcorn?
Phishie from Philly

763 days ago


Danny didn't play Pete on "Pete & Pete". He was Pete.

763 days ago


I bet Danny was the first of many, many men Amanda's had in her mouth.

763 days ago


Lindsay is in no position to judge anyone for any reason...her decline is slow, but sure.

762 days ago


Who is he. He's just wants the spot light on him again. Even if it's only for 15 minutes.

762 days ago


Fine, then, since I’ve never had a DUI or been arrested I’LL criticize the bitch and the idiots that are law enforcement in the state of California. She had a DUI last April, has done multiple hit-and-runs (including on a police car), drives with a suspended license and they are just NOW hauling her ass into court?? I, too, want to know how she’s gotten away with all this **** without any consequences. I guess California doesn’t hire cops if they have over an 80 IQ since so many agree she’s a danger on the road but are apparently too stupid to realize if they would just do their damn job she wouldn’t be on the road.

762 days ago


stating the obvious is news now. ugh!

762 days ago


Good for Danny to come to Amanda's defense! At least Amanda Bynes has talent and gorgeous looks. Lindsay Lohan has NOTHING! Talentless, brainless, tactless, and a dysfunctional family to boot.

762 days ago
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