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Lindsay Lohan

Domingo's Got My Back

9/21/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0920_LILO3The man who owns the Porsche that Lindsay Lohan was driving when she allegedly struck a pedestrian Wednesday is refusing to abandon the actress ... and even hung out with LiLo in NYC today.

Lindsay's bearded homie is Domingo Zapata -- a rich artist who's so tight with Lohan, he  permanently leaves a pair of keys for her in NYC to drive his cars whenever she's in town.

The two were seen leaving the Bowery Hotel in NYC earlier today. 

TMZ broke the story ... Domingo bought the car roughly 2 months ago from "Real Housewives of Miami" star Karent Sierra ... and she could be on the hook if the alleged victim decides to sue. 

As for Lindsay, she may be a convicted thief ... but we're told she did not steal this child.


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It's Nikki Bitches     

Lindsay and Gaga's but look the same..The two BEEFER BUTTS!
I can't believe Gaga let herself go, she had a kick asz body. Guess hanging out with Lohan you get damaged in one way or another. B!tch blackens everything she touches

764 days ago


Nothing like using a child for a prop.

764 days ago


I am going to Gemma saturday for lunch. Hope I dont get run over.

764 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Oh God, here comes HELL(P) black checking again.

764 days ago


Better question, as we've seen no pap shots of Blohan at the Bowery till now and she's been there for WEEKS, how strange the paps get a pic of Blohan carrying his child out of the hotel. Who thinks SHE called them? (I DO)

764 days ago


I laugh at the Eturds. Consider, the slow motion jerky video that TMZ provided for us (I could STILL see her hit the guy) and they SCREAMED about how the guy RAN. Then we get the clear concise video minus the slow motion, NOW they are screaming that it has been sped up. Which is it Eturds? Can't be both. I could CLEARLY see her hit the guy in BOTH video's. BTW, Nikki mentioned they changed the picture to this story? Did anybody notice her ever present water bottle in the first picture? ROFLMFAO.

764 days ago


Seriously, what does she hope to accomplish with this pap pic? So she's holding his kid, BFD. Whats the point? It changes NOTHING about her being a 'kept' HOOKER, an addict of both drugs and booze, her entitled attitude, and just an all around fvckin SLAG!

764 days ago


Doming got laid or a BJ from this whoreskank!

764 days ago


I guess everyone knows that the owner of the car is the person who insures it and is liable for anyone injured by the vehicle. i just wanted to point that out.

764 days ago


Your continual slamming of Lohan is getting tiresome to say the least, but your last sentence was snarly, vicious, and extremely insulting for most of the people. Never mind the bulk of the people to hang out here only to smear, slam, and spew hate at people much better than themselves.

764 days ago


Get some help,dear. And keep your legs covered up.

764 days ago


Does she think this kid photo is working. Only makes her look more like a desperate fool.

Nobody other than Lohan could care less about him. He wasn't there so none of this matters.

Isn't still amazing how according to Lohan she has so many really tight and close friends...yet nobody other than mommy and daddy ever stick up for her. Wonder why that is. Oh, that's right if she isn't trying to throw them under the bus to cover her butt, she's stealing from them.

She got lucky with Sam Magid. This man simply didn't wan't his business known. Couldn't have been a very different story if the stuff she stole due to Ambian actually ended up leaving his property. I don't think she will be welcomed back to his home anytime soon.

764 days ago


Who in their right mind would let this girl around their kid? Call children's services immediately.

764 days ago

Ellie G    

Why the kid? Is she running for office?

764 days ago


Meh I would probably be better off not going to Gemma since the paps are all over the place for Princess cokehead. She got a parking ticket on her pimps Porche for parking in front of the Bowery.

Oh well I would rather get a hot dog in the park and feed the ducks by the pond a part of the bun lol I know I am a wierdo. Look at me having to make plans around Lindsay Lohan thanks now I know how the people of LA feel. Im kinda over the Bowery and dont care for Dream anyways full of a bunch of wanna be artsy types like her. East Village hasnt been cool since CBGB closed and Chelsea is sh*t since the Hotel Chelsea closed the coolest place around as far as Im concerned.

764 days ago
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