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Fiona Apple

Explains Drug Arrest In

Most Bizarre Speech Ever

9/22/2012 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-fiona-apple-arrestedFiona Apple says everyone at the Texas jail where she was booked for possession of marijuana treated her real nice ... everyone except FOUR PEOPLE -- and the singer remembers exactly who they are!!!

Apple -- who was popped at the infamous Sierra Blanca checkpoint for having ganja on her tour bus -- used her concert Friday night in Houston, TX as a giant soap box to talk about her recent arrest.

Her speech is pretty out there ... she starts by apologizing to the guy who runs the jail for being so "attitude-y" ... but then she really goes off and starts making some pretty wild claims.

Apple says there were four people who were downright a-holes to her. Not only that, she unleashes some pretty bold accusations and makes it crystal clear ... she's not afraid to blow their cover. 

Check it out ... 'cause it's ... well it's something.


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People pay to see you sing, Fiona. Unless they're sycophants...shut your arrested-ass up and give them their money's worth. No one likes listening to a whiner.

759 days ago


Fiona, if you get busted for doing something illegal, you will get treated like crap. You will get treated like crap in jail, you will get treated like crap by your attorney, you will get treated like crap by your probation officer, the judge, any therapist they force you to see and everyone else you encounter along the way. Because it is totally exceptable to dump on criminals. So unless you like getting treated like a piece of sh!t criminal, which is what you are, then don't be a criminal. A lot of people have to learn this the hard way.

759 days ago


Ugh, I know it's the weekend...........but leave it alone. UGH.

759 days ago


Proof postive that artistic dimwits like her should never be given a microphone to speak into...

759 days ago


Drugs have apparently made her a little stupid. Or was she always that articulate?

759 days ago


Another entitled celebrity who thinks they're above the law.

759 days ago

so and so    

weirdness, indeed.

759 days ago

she's been a bad, bad girl. Fiona, get out of Texas as FAST AS YOU CAN

759 days ago


Yeah, since when is it okay for government service workers to treat us like KRAP. It's the politicians who don't enforce respectful and accountable government services workers, so maybe it's like to eliminate the redundant politicial style of government, and move to a corporate style.

759 days ago


He is respected by his uh fellow workers. - That would be peers, ms. apple. His peers.

758 days ago


The only thing funnier than Fapple is the sheeple in the audience. They just cheer and yippee at any word their Messiah says. Which is why intelligent people got the last laugh...again.

Talk about losers.

758 days ago


For some reason, I believe her. I know cops can be total a--holes. Fortunately they are in the minority but they sure give the rest of them a bad name. I hope she goes public with her holding cells.

758 days ago


Somehow, I do not feel that Fiona Apple's hash use should require my taxpayers dollars (from this account, a LOT of them) to regulate. Its her body and its my money paying those cops.

758 days ago


fionna WHO???

758 days ago

Sad sad    

One day it won't be a law. No way would they ever think to make alcohol illegal. Which I have been affected by in more ways than one. I can say I know several people killed by drunk drivers. On the other hand I know zero who were harmed or killed by a stoner. It's all love. Worst case scenerio some are a bit lazy and should lay off the frittos.

758 days ago
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