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Kim Kardashian

Big Booty Cover-Up

in Miami Beach

9/24/2012 3:55 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0924_kim_kardashian_white_launch_v4Kim Kardashian did the most unthinkable thing on the beach in Miami on Monday ... she wore a bathing suit ... but covered up her amazing badonkadonk.

Rockin' a sexy one piece suit that perfectly accentuated her gorgeous girls and tightly cinched her waist in ways no mere mortal could withstand, Kim cloaked her beloved booty with a long white shirt thing as she and big sis Kourtney enjoyed a walk on the beach.

Let's hope Kim comes to her senses soon and once again lets her beautiful backside roam free in the open.


No Avatar


Sorry, but her ass is not amazing. It is freakish and revolting.

670 days ago


a fat walking/talking std.

670 days ago


She hides how heavy she really is.

670 days ago


Those ugly flabby tree stump legs are just getting worse. She never takes a pic without her b00bs hanging out because she knows that's all that's left.
ugh and that botoxed face. just eww
Kourtney looks great!

670 days ago


Would somebody PLEASE just punch her in the face? Preferably a man. That's not asking for a lot...

670 days ago


Kim knew not to be out in public exposing her big ole behind without Kanye. He is known for beating his women when they get outta line.

670 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Could Kim have that suit any tighter on her waist?!?! If she's concerned about her weight gain, then WTF is she wearing a WHITE suit for? That will ADD pounds to her! Surely she's not THAT dumb! And Kourtney: Those style shorts ONLY look good on stick thin runway model-type bodies. You're a curvy woman, so those shorts will ADD girth. I guess dumb runs rampant in that family. Sigh.

670 days ago


Those are some serious thunder thighs.
She's getting older. Metabolism is slowing.

670 days ago


This is Kanye's doing. He revamped her wardrobe, likes things natural so no more false lashes, took out her hair extensions, etc. He has stalker written all over him, sex tape with KK look alike, writing songs about her years ago. She can't be THAT desperate and should step back and look at the facts.

670 days ago

No comment    

She has no waist. Her belt is cinched right under her breasts. The high cut with fat thighs and thick belly looks terrible. How the hell did this thing become famous, she is a pig. I bet she is pregnant for the next season of Keeping up with the K/U/N/Trashians.

670 days ago


Extremely low fashion, as per usual...

670 days ago


She looks like she gained wait, a whole lot of wait. looks like she giving birth soon.

670 days ago


How delusional and out of touch with reality does she have to be to show how out of shape she is? She can't see in a mirror how bad her legs look at least? Probably so used to all the photoshopped pics she sends out that she actually thinks that's reality?
Makes you wonder about her mental state......seriously.

670 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

I bet the TMZ flunky who wrote this had his hand on his c*ock the whole time!

670 days ago


Forget KK's fat ass she is covering it because its getting bigger
Look at how great Kourtney looks!!

670 days ago
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