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'The Lone Ranger'

Gov. Org. Investigating

Death On Set

9/25/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0924_lone_ranger_osha_ap_disney2An investigation has been launched into the shocking death of a crew member on the set of "The Lone Ranger" ... with a government agency vowing to leave no stone unturned until it discovers the truth.

TMZ broke the story ... a welder/water safety expert named Mike Bridger died on the L.A. movie set Friday while working inside a large water tank. Law enforcement sources tell us it appeared Bridger suffered a heart attack.

Now, we've learned Cal/Osha -- a workplace safety enforcement agency -- has launched an investigation to see if there was any negligence or wrongdoing on the part of Bridger's employer ... standard operating procedure following a death on a movie set.

In other words, Cal/Osha will look into how workers responded once they realized Bridger was unresponsive -- Did they follow proper emergency protocol? Was there a proper emergency protocol? etc. 

A rep for Cal/Osha tells us the org. is also looking into the equipment and the tank ... and will also review the medical condition of the victim before his death. Cal/Osha will also conduct interviews with everyone who was on the set during the incident.

We're told there have been no official findings yet, and the final report could take up to 6 months to complete.

As we previously reported, Mike's friends and family also believe he died of a heart attack and do not blame the film for his death.


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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

6 months? Should only take 6hrs. 12 at the most.

756 days ago


Workplace health and safety would need an audit if a frigging light bulb needed changing these days.

756 days ago


A horse died on the set of The Lone Ranger too. Obviously safety is not the highest priority. They should investigate the cruel death of the horse too.

756 days ago


It's always hard to lose a member of the team...

I hope they discover that everyone did their best for a team member who had gone down.

756 days ago


Hey they are from the Government and they are there to help........hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Good luck with that folks

756 days ago


For all the fun and good stuff TMZ throws out here "shame on you" for inflaming a story to make a story, as this is a non-story other than a death likely by natural causes..

Cal/OSHA by charter "always" goes out to investigate work site accidents such as these; It's standard operating protocol

What was your intent, to imply skulduggery, conspiracies, murder, or just psycho-babble mayhem?.

You should train these wanta be's to be more investigative before they knee-jerk. NOW WHO"S THE PUBLICITY WHORE?!

Most importantly TMZ, apologize to the family first, and the film company second for throwing unnecessary trash until the smell says, "hmm there must be garbage here!"

756 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

This is not news, the state of California investigates every death at a workplace.
Stop wasting our time, TMZ.

756 days ago


Welding often uses shielding gases like nitrogen or argon. So when welding in a confined space occurs the danger of oxygen being displaced is real and would require fresh air ventilation to be blown into the tank. Oxygen deficiency could lead to a heart attack. OSHA always has a limit of 6 months to issue a citation by law.

756 days ago


This is bad karma because of the subject. Again, the white man is top dog with a knowledgable side kick who azz kiss rodeos whitey all day long up and down the trail.This is like Jack Berry and Rochester, a fcukN disgrace. The portrayal of Tonto has been seen by some Native Americans and others as degrading, despite his heroism, notably by Native American author and poet Sherman Alexie.[8] Tonto spoke in a pidgin, saying things like, "That right, Kemo Sabe," or "Him say man ride over ridge on horse." You would be "Tonto" (which means fool) to support this crap.

756 days ago

Don Martin    

I guess embassy duty isn't near as dangerous these days. No one seems to be checking into that.

756 days ago

Ozzie X    

TMZ you are all a bunch of bumbling idiots. Of course OSHA is going to investigate, that's what they do for every death that occurs at a work environment.

756 days ago


The results of the autopsy are not out yet. The family has not been contacted for comments regarding the cause of his death. No family member has talked to TMZ or representatives of the film.

755 days ago



753 days ago


friendsofmike sez:

The results of the autopsy are not out yet. The family has not been contacted for comments regarding the cause of his death. No family member has talked to TMZ or representatives of the film.
IMO, all the folks at TMZ are bottom feeders, make **** up to get ratings.
Also IMO, a bunch of knob gobblers and carpet munchers who couldn't hold a real job.

753 days ago

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