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Paul Nassif

I Get to See My Kids

... For Now

9/26/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrienne Maloof
's estranged husband Paul Nassif will finally get to see his kids again ... because a judge just granted him two visits with them, before a massive custody hearing next month.

The judge agreed to let Paul see his children during monitored visits on September 29th and October 6th.

The whole matter will be settled on October 9th, when the judge has scheduled a custody hearing to decide once and for all whether Paul should get partial custody.

As we reported, Paul went to court today armed with a report from the Department of Children and Family Services that says he never abused the kids -- despite allegations from Adrienne, who claimed Paul choked one child and struck another.

In addition to the DCFS report, Paul filed a declaration addressing each of Adrienne's allegations.

Regarding the bathroom incident, when Adrienne claimed Paul struck one of their children for peeing on his brother in the bath -- Paul says it's BS ... he simply picked the child up and (gently) directed the boy to the toilet.

And the other allegation -- that Paul choked one of the kids in his Escalade ... Paul claims it's physically impossible for him to reach his children in the giant car from the driver's seat, so that's bogus too.

Paul also claims the declaration from the family psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy -- supposedly confirming the alleged abuse -- is a concoction of lies. Paul claims Sophy not only betrayed his trust by going behind his back with the declaration ... but never even tried to get Paul's side of things.

And there's this too -- according to Paul, Adrienne is now threatening to fire any family employee who supports Paul in the divorce. Paul claims Adrienne's already fired the family's head of security for saying Paul's a good dad. 

Adrienne's rep Howard Bragman says she is "happy that Paul will get to see the children with supervision."


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I wouldn't take anything the DCFS said to the bank. They are always "investigating" cases of child abuse and clearing abusive parents whose children later turn up beaten and dead.

755 days ago


He should file a suit against her for defamation, alienation from and complete custody of the kids.
Her accusations are as fake as her face and hair.

755 days ago


God, who didn't pee on their brother while they were in the bathtub? I know I did....

755 days ago


I feel sorry for everyone having to read this. Harvey is being selfish by continuously posting this trash on here.

Harvey, maybe if you stop giving them an audience they can resolve this faster and in private.

Or is there really nothing else going on that you can post?

755 days ago


Poor kids....caught in the middle, as usual!

755 days ago


TMZ is missing an interesting aspect to this story - namely that Dr. Charles Sophy is the Director of Child and Family Services for Los Angeles County. That means the report both refuting and questioning Dr. Sophy's was written by what are essentially his employees. I doubt they'd do that if they didn't really feel the charges were bogus.

755 days ago


i don't believe he abuses his children AT ALL, but if my son willingly peed on his sibling in the bathtub, i would spank his butt too!

755 days ago


adreinis going to have arude awakeing when she realsies Paul was the best thng that ever happend to her and she lost him forever and fracutrued thier family. she is going to be on lonely od hag.
I never once saw her show any affection to paul or her kids on the show. her family is working agaisnt her by filling her head that paul is after money.
Paul just wants to be happy for a change and a better life for his kids. adriens problem is she has no real friends, shes just doesnt have the social graces or a good heart she is void of love.
she doest relase the mistakes she made in the marrige were a lot worse than pauls supposbly cheatting. she takes no resposblity for her own actions.Just like her brothers who went from owning 99 % of the pals down to two percent.
she places all the blme on Paul.Noone likes her or wants to be around her befor now who well be friend her knowing she well make up lies that could send them to jail if they dont do what she wants.
her staffmemebrs should just look for jobs else where and not waite to adrien ruins thier reputions.
adrien had everything and she LOST it all.
she even tried to make her kids LIE for her.
Her vagas tatics dont work in the real world.
Paul well find a nice lady close to his own age range a new home and the kids well be happy with him . adrien needs to be drug tested and have her head examined by someon not on her pay roll. Her career is over now cuz people have turned agaisnt her big time.I htink whatever drugs she is on mixed with vodka is making her more crazy and hott tempered. she wont be able to hold her toung around the kids and well do her best to try and turn them agasint thier dad, they are getting old enough to see right threw it.
Her kids were realy immature for thier age but they well grow up quick now. No man welle ver come close to how ell paul treated her. she just took advatage of him and now tried to turn him into a crimanla anruin his career and take his kids away for- ever. she is a BAD person and a very stupied one! all her dirty tricks backfired and now she has nothing!!

755 days ago


Geez...I wish we could ban "ugly" from tv.

755 days ago


They have a family psychiatrist?!?!? Oh, my.

755 days ago


ORANGE County DFCS investigated? I thought they lived in Beverly Hills - which is LA County...

755 days ago


I used to love Adrienne. Now I see that she is willing to do anything to make Paul look bad in this divorce. She was real quick to point out that she couldn't understand why Taylor would put up with abuse because she was not the type of woman to tolerate that sort of thing. Yet we are supposed to believe Paul was abusive to her and the children?

755 days ago


I blame all of these high minded women for the series of divorces of the real house wives. They believe the primise that they are Queen Elizabeth and their husbands are their lessers. Most of the men I see they divorce are good men. What fools.

755 days ago


Getting supervised visits is NOT a good thing. Clearly the court sees something very troubling here.

755 days ago


Getting supervised visits is NOT a good thing. Clearly the court sees something very troubling here.

755 days ago
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