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Arnold Schwarzenegger

He Won't Say

He Betrayed Maria

9/28/2012 7:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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092812_arnold_60minutesArnold Schwarzenegger is out hawking his autobiography, so he knows something about words ... and the one word he WON'T use to describe his affair with the maid is "BETRAYAL."

In an interview on "60 Minutes" which will air Sunday, Lesley Stahl said to Arnold ...

"She gave up her television career for you.  I mean, wow, was this the most unbelievable act of betrayal to Maria?"

Arnold would not acknowledge Stahl's question.  Instead he deflected by saying, "I think it was the stupidest thing I've done in the whole relationship.  It was terrible I inflicted tremendous pain on Maria and unbelievable pain on the kids."

And it's even worse.  Arnold has not even shown the book to Maria.  When Stahl asked if she knew what Arnold had written, all he would say was, "She knows that it's about my whole life."

Real classy.


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758 days ago



758 days ago


The thing is that people would forgive Arnold, if he just came clean. Hollywood is built on 2nd (and 3rd and 4th and . . . ) chances.

Seems to be PR driven answers vs. authentic. A huge missed opportunity.

758 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

In her defense, Maria fell in love with him when they were both young. She was probably the only thing that tethered him however tenuously that was. Now we're going to see Arnold with 23 year old blondes. Good luck with that old man. Let's see who comforts you on your deathbed.

758 days ago

after he had sex with the housekeeper, he said to her, "I'll be Back!"

758 days ago


The question she asked him was if Maria had read the book yet and Arnold said no, she hadn't. The impression I got from watching an earlier clip was that Maria wasn't worried about what would be in the book and that's why she hadn't read it.

758 days ago


I won't be reading this book. I know more about him now than I want to. And grow up, Arnold--it is called betrayal--be enough of a man to admit it.

758 days ago

Pudding Tang    

What do you expect from a politician? To answer a question directly?..... Fat chance............ Who would want to read this book when everything has already discovered. He probably just copy and pasta his wiki page like an arrogant fool.

758 days ago


LOL people MIGHT forgive Arnold if he came clean, but that is exactly his problem, he needs to MAN UP and not be.... his term.... a "GIRLY MAN!" .. and take his lumps, some people might forgive him, some night not!

And he also needs to stop speaking for Maria, what she would or would not be comfortable with! He is the one who betrayed her.

758 days ago


And exactly who would buy this book?

758 days ago


He's so unbelievable ugly, inside and outside.

758 days ago


Don't you dare criticize Arnold. He is less than a god, but more than a man. He has more success in one fingernail than you have in your entire ancestral history, TMZ.

758 days ago


He's always been a pos & she knew it, never should've married him.

758 days ago


Another man who refuses to acknowledge his douchebaggery. Yawn.

758 days ago


Arnie didn't betray, he simply used Shiver and her Kennedy connections to get elected governor. It worked. Without her it never would have happened.

She always knew. Just don't tell anyone. Once Arnie was out of office wow guess what.

757 days ago
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