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Arnold to Maria

MY Book

MY Money

9/28/2012 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the big reasons Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't give Maria Shriver an advance copy of his autobiography is that he intends to keep all of the money he makes from it ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Even though Arnold and Maria were together 34 years and married for 25 and a good chunk of the book is about their relationship ... we're told Arnold has made it clear to her ... the book is HIS, and she will not be getting any part of his multi-million dollar advance or any royalties.

And there's more on the money front ... We're told Arnold has been extremely tough in negotiating a financial settlement with Maria -- one source says, "Arnold has been really stingy with Maria and the kids, which is amazing considering what he did."

One source groused ... Arnold has treated his divorce as a business deal, and not an end to the relationship he had with the mother of his kids.

And here's the most shocking part ... Sources tell us as recently as last week, Arnold asked Maria to take him back.  We're told ... she's not biting.

Arnold's rep told TMZ ... the divorce settlement negotiations are ongoing so no agreement has been struck.



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I think if Maria wants a cut, she'll manage to get a cut. And certainly his children should be assured of a windfall from this book. Adults are certainly selfish and short-sighted, almost all of them. Why write a tell-all book that your children's friends will read and make fun of. He's not thinking at all,

567 days ago


As a business venture, it's his book, his money. There's nothing stopping Maria from writing her own book with her version of all events of HER life, including her side of the marriage/divorce fiasco, and I think she should go for it.

567 days ago


this is the problem with people on tmz now, you can't even have a debate without someone being immature on here. As far as my posts goes I'm glad I made them, I stand by what I said and as for this story I just think maria needs to stop and move on. If that makes me "passionate" then w/e <.< mallory -.-

567 days ago


I seriously doubt if this book is going to sell many copies.

567 days ago

Nina Everby    

For someone who claims to be so business savvy he is a moron with this aspect. He does remember she is a Kennedy, right?

Couple this with the fact that he is failing to support his own kids. Yup he is an *******

567 days ago


Here's an idea. Don't buy the book and then he makes no profit from the actual sales. If you really feel the need to read it go to your local library instead.

If he really said he wouldn't give any money to Maria then we know the truth about him and that is that the only thing he cares about is himself; no surprise there. In fact, if he was really ashamed of himself he wouldn't have written the book to focus on himself.

567 days ago


I think it's funny how, when this douche was governor, people actually thought he'd somehow stopped being a completely self absorbed pig.

567 days ago


lol gotta love those snobby rich folk.

567 days ago


Only if he was working on the book while they were married, should she get a cut. Otherwise, it's all his. I'm betting Maria is embarrassed about this article, because she wouldn't even bother asking for a cut of his post-separation income. What a ridiculous question! TMZ lawyers know CA community property law.

567 days ago


Arnie the 'flabanator' (I just made that up) California tax payers will be paying for his perks even out of office. Don't you just love that.

567 days ago


i would say men suck but its not gender specifc. Seriously give her some monet you ****ing cheater!

567 days ago


We always knew he wasn't the brightest, but now we also know he's the stingiest. All I can say is he's the biggest jerk around.

567 days ago


To Maria: That book? YOU DIDN'T WRITE THAT. Truth.

567 days ago


Who wants to read anything about this Neanderthal?...he did more harm to the California economy than Pete Wilson ever did...very arrogant man...and a lousy actor who hasn't aged well and wears way too much make up in

567 days ago


I understand why he had sex with the maid. Maria was probably bad in bed and he needed a good sex partner that would actually give him good sex. Maria has her own money from the crooked Kennedy's. Why would she ask Arnold for some of his money. Greed. She was lucky to be married to him for so long. He had to deal with the same pus-y for all those year. He deserves a medal.

567 days ago
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