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Michael Vick

I've Spent $29 MILLION

In Four Years

10/2/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick
has blown through nearly $30 million since filing for bankruptcy in 2008 -- nearly 95% of his total income -- TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs filed in his bankruptcy case, Vick made $31 million since he went belly up -- that includes his Eagles salary and various endorsements and other business ventures.

The math is pretty simple -- Vick had to pay a total of $29.6 mil -- of that, $10.9 went to taxes, $9.2 mil went to creditors, $2.7 went to lawyers and accountants, and the rest is for various things, including child support and living expenses.

All tolled, Vick is now left with around $1.5 mil. That's nothing to sneeze at, but considering what he made it's pretty shocking.

Things are looking up for the NFLer. Vick signed a 6 year, $100 million contract in 2011 ... with almost $40 mil in guaranteed money, so he won't be poor -- in rich terms -- for much longer.


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No Avatar


Vick you suck and your days are numbered in football big boy.

749 days ago


No one cares about this sick twit or his financials. Why don't you do stories on Hero dogs instead of losers who abuse them?

749 days ago


Gotta love these ball players, give'em a mil or a hundred mil, not matter, they will be bankrupt in a few years..

other than that, VIck is a great ball player and a
very bad dog person..

749 days ago


All you haters need to stop. I love dogs, and I am disgusted by what he did. That being said, he grew up in the south where dog fighting is a common way of life for many people. Local law enforcement officials even participate. There are pedophiles that get less time than he did. And I won't get into the racial aspect of it, but let's just say he did his time and paid restitution. He has donated at least a million bucks to animal charities, and continues to speak at schools and even lobbies for laws against animal fighting.

He doesn't have to do this. He already paid his debt and he knows there will always be people that hate him. And he still has tons of fans, a huge contract and some endorsements back, so I believe he continues this work because he knows it's the right thing to do. He is a perfect example of someone genuinely trying to repent for past mistakes. Glad all of you are so perfect. Now get to clicking the "HATE" button.

749 days ago


All "tolled'?????? Again, with the lack of editing!

Vick is an ignorant, hopeless cause. No further description needed.

749 days ago


How is paying taxes, creditors, child support, accountants and lawyers qualify as "blown through" his money? He's simply paying his obligations. IDIOTS!!!

749 days ago


I wish this POS would get hit by a bus. The world would be a better place. I hope his broke a$$ doesn't go back to killing innocent dogs for money.

749 days ago

terry j vey    

The one thing i like about Vick and other pro athletes who seem to spend as much money as they make they at least are putting money back into the economy.
As far as Vick not being poor for long ya might wanna check he can be cut after this year and very lttle will be due him as the bulk gas already been paid out.He will not get another contract like the Eagles gave him

749 days ago


I am surprised he didn't try **** fighting

749 days ago

Philo Beddoe    

A little late to the game here, TMZ....its been known for quite awhile due to the things listed that he was going to see very little of that money. Experts broke this stuff down a long time ago. Man has many people he owes/owed.

749 days ago


All told, TMZ has made this same grammatical error about a gazillion times. TMZ, look it up! The phrase is "all told", not "all tolled". It's an eggcorn and is very well do***ented by all known authorities.

749 days ago


Disgusting piece of crap. He shouldn't be the NFL.
His job for the rest of his life should have been to clean up dog poop every day with his bare hands.

749 days ago


To all of his defenders who keep saying he paid his debt to society...get your facts straight. He went to prison for betting (a plea bargin). He never paid his debt to society for what he did to those defenseless animals, which is a crime worse than betting. He has not, and never could, and has never shown interest (unless court mandated) in paying his debt for those henious crimes, therefore he will never be forgiven or free in the minds of normal, loving people.

749 days ago


The debt he paid is nothing compared to what those dogs paid at his hands. The dogs were trained to be killers remember? He is morally corrupt and always will be. Once you have the capacity to do things like that do you think it just disappears? I got such pleasure watching the Cards knock his ass down over and over again a couple weeks ago, didn't look like much of a star that day. Karma is a bitch and he got some bad a comin his way.

749 days ago


The level of hate, cruelty & viciousness it took to kill these dogs scares the hell out of me. I don't care what color this man is, he is an extremely sick individual.To say that you have to be racist to find this behavior sickening is what is stupid and was said by stupid people. It is a shame he has been allowed to be in a position where kids look up to him for his God given talent, yet arent warned about the hearltess, hateful individual he is in his personal life.
Karma will get him, and Karma isn't racist.

749 days ago
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