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I'm Moving To A New House

... For Reals This Time

10/2/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1001_octomom_moving_garbage_launchAfter several failed attempts to put a roof over her head -- Octomom is FINALLY moving her brood into a new house ... and TMZ has the pics to prove it.

TMZ obtained photos of Octo taken Sunday -- packing up all her crap and hauling her 14 kids to a new 5,000-square-foot crib in Palmdale, CA ... since the one she's living in was foreclosed on.

From the pics it's clear Octo hasn't cleaned house for awhile ... you can see a giant dumpster full of old toys, chairs, mattresses and random stuff she no longer wants.

TMZ broke the story ... Octo was supposed to move into a DIFFERENT house in Palmdale, and pulled out at the last minute, because she thought the owner was shady. Prior to that, she had been REJECTED by a slew of landlords.

But millionth time's a charm and sources tell us ... Octo made a sweet deal with this owner -- snagging the property for a cool $2500 / month and her first payment isn't due 'til April.

Happy Easter.


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Get a good look at that house.

NEVER EVER going to look this good again.

Octo and her little brats are going to trash this place. Worse than Led Zeppelin.

753 days ago


Get a good look at that house.

NEVER EVER going to look this good again.

Octo and her little brats are going to trash this place. Worse than Led Zeppelin.

753 days ago


So Nads is still being a pathological liar!! She has been seen twice in the last week, once at Rite Aid, then at Albertsons, paying with food stamps! While vehemently, claiming to be off welfare!! This is the reason why most people despise her. She lies as easily as we breathe....You are still on welfare lady.....grow up & own it...Sounds like your new neighbors are already watching you, & reporting everything you do...Hopefully, the police dept will be as attentive as the rest of Palmdale.....Face it, Dr Phil used that interview as a destroyed, a once beautiful home, & are definitely using some kind of opiate or alchohol...Tick-Tock, Nads...karma is coming...

753 days ago


The only "homeowners" who will rent to Octomom are those that are in foreclosure or going into foreclosure. They could care less what that brood does to the property. She will have to move again.

753 days ago


Is it too early for the new landlord to begin eviction paperwork?

753 days ago


I give it a month before it reeks of piss and has holes and paint on the walls and more broken crap all over the floor. Well at least her mutant brats out out in the boonies were they belong. Wonder how long before she stops paying on the rent.

753 days ago


With all money she is getting why not use it wisely. A down payment on a home maybe. I bet payments for her mortgage would be about the same amount as rent. Then at least her kids have a home they can call there own.

753 days ago


To the landlord...your house will be a spray painted filthy wreck with holes in walls and smelling like pee and poop (whichever room Nads locks the tups in). You have my condolences.

753 days ago


She seems like a user who always has some sucker around to help her out of a jam, this time that sucker is the owner of this nice house that will soon look like crap on the inside.

753 days ago


Why would this dumb arse beotch throw all of that stuff away? For someone hurting for money, she could have at the very least had a garage sale since the state of California is supporting her and her gaggle of offspring. Too bad the law does not require a psych test to procreate! This stupid woman would have FAILED big time!

753 days ago


And though she claims to not be on assistance anymore, she was seen using foodstamps at Rite Aid the other day...but she had the cash to pay for her bottle of VODKA.

753 days ago

BB not bb    

How did she get this mansion with no rent due till April? Usually you have to pay the first and last months rent up front and put up security. This is very strange if you ask me.

This house seems even nicer than the last house maybe. I don't know how she will make the rent unless she can get section 8 on a mansion. It is a five bedroom house, so there will be three people per bedroom. Housing assistance guidelines say that you can only have two people per bedroom. I don't know where she could get a bigger house though.

753 days ago


I'm sure most of the stuff she threw away was still usable -- either for her family or to donate to others who need it. For a woman with apparently little to no money, how can she afford to throw all that out & presumably buy new furniture, toys, etc??? What a waste - in so many ways.

753 days ago


Don't ya luv it? Octo says she's off welfare but was seen by a Palmdale resident Sunday in a store buying $60...0 worth of groceries with her welfare card!

753 days ago


For all the posters wondering why Nadya doesn't have to pay rent on the new house for six months: it's probably because she had to pay six months rent in advance. In the earlier TMZ article about the house she had planned to rent on Almond Avenue in Palmdale, they said she'd offered seven months advance rent. She was making these offers to persuade owners to rent to her, because nobody wanted her and her huge family and she kept getting turned down. Well, good luck to the owners of this house. Her kids are going to trash the place. Let's see if she turns over a new leaf and starts paying her rent on time next April -- but I doubt it, based on her history of defaulting on leasing contracts. She's learned that she can get away with squatting free in a house for over a year by just not making payments and passively sitting there until she's forced out by legal action. She might be planning to pull that trick again in the new place.

753 days ago
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