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Adrienne Maloof & Paul Nassif

Settle Bitter Custody War

10/8/2012 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1008-tmz-adrienne-maloof-paul-nassifAdrienne Maloof and her estranged husband Paul Nassif have settled their nasty custody battle, TMZ has learned -- and Adrienne gets the lion's share of time with the children.

Sources close to the warring couple tell TMZ, Adrienne gets weekdays and every other weekend with their three sons. Paul gets to see them every other weekend, overnights included.

Paul and Adrienne were set to battle out their custody dispute in court tomorrow, but we're told they've already called a truce -- and both sides are happy with the new arrangement.

As for the messy allegations coming from both sides -- including allegations of child abuse -- we're told Paul and Adrienne have agreed to employ full-time security to watch over the children at all times.

10:02 AM PT -- Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, the custody settlement is only temporary. Paul and Adrienne will revisit the agreement in 90 days when they plan to implement a permanent schedule.

We're told Adrienne is happy the kids have "one primary home" but is glad they still get to see their dad.



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I saw this first on another site....while you all where still reporting about how she "loves" about another person in entertainment.

724 days ago

Miss Greta    

Who are these people??

724 days ago


The life of the rich and their useless gold digging good for nothing wives.It's funny how you can be good looking yet less intelligent then a dog and still have money

724 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Maybe now she can teach her boys that it is OK to beat the crap out of your girlfriends, just like that low life douchebag Chris Brown did????? SHe is just another (risch- yes) uneducated woman who condones Chris Brown's behavior. When one of her son's gets arrested for beating a woman we will all be able to look back and she how well she raised her kids. What a hypocritical JOKE. Again, Money cannot buy common sense.

724 days ago


Her face looks like one of those evil clowns without the clown greasepaint makeup. She is right out a nightmare.

724 days ago


The Maloof Mare, in my opinion, is an evil shrew who spends zero time with her kids but does not want their father to be with them. I hope Paul gets his ducks in a row and goes after her so his kids are not raised by an army of body guards and nannies.

724 days ago


Is it just me, or would these two look more at home, hanging upside down in a cave some where?

724 days ago


These people look like aliens.

724 days ago

Mark Ackerman    

I don't know who these people are. Why does TMZ insist that they can manufacture celebrities? I think most people don't know who this couple is and don't care about their private lives. Hey TMZ! Stop running stories about no-bodies. How about some real celebrity news?

724 days ago

Mark Ackerman    

I have no idea who these people are. Why does TMZ insist on trying to manufacture celebrities by publishing stories about nobodies? C'mon TMZ, how about some stories on REAL famous people, not just people who pay TMZ bribes to run stories about them?

724 days ago


Its a sad day in America when a couple cant turst each other not to abouse thier kids or each other.
Domisc vilonce is on the rise.
If you are being beat on get the hell out! Like
Paul did. It well impeped the childrens growth
to have to allways be in the presntsof a secutiy gaurd. Its not natural to not be able to share private moments with your parents. The children well fell contastly vaugely threatn and spyed on.
They may want to revist haveing full time security later. It also makes it more stranget hat they hire someone to do everything for them even whipe thier butts.That is a bad example to show kids kids need to learn to be indpant , doing thier own laudery , someof thier own cooking and mangeing thier own money. They wellnever be taught any life skills by either parent . How can they if niether parent cooks or cleans or does thier own laudery.
when the kids are older they well be socaily retarted. Adrienn well be out getting drun on the town and Paul well be skirt chaseing while nannys and body gurds raise the kids. Both paretns seem to be utterly clueless in parenting.
Adrine might have own most costdoy but she loses the most when she broke up the familyand lost paul. Money comes and goes but a guy like Paul is not replacebale.

724 days ago


With all the money this woman has look at her bad plastic surgery. Does she actually think it looks good. She looks like a freak. Why do women do this.

724 days ago


Love Paul,he deserves so much better then this woman whose berated him,insulted him and more or less treats him like trash. She may think she's all that but she isn't. I'm sure as the boys get older they'll want to spend more time with their dad,she's so full of herself let her take care of the kids it will get old pretty fast!

724 days ago


I love how you all seem to know enough about these people to be able to judge them. Making these comments based on what you've read online or seen on a reality show is a sign of just how gullible you are, as well as proving how difficult it is for you to be an independent thinker, unable to differentiate the truth from the gossip. If ANY of you actually knew these people, or spent time with them in their homes, without the cameras, only THEN would you have the right to pick a side. But, even if you DID know them, it's still not your place to judge!

620 days ago
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