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Lindsay Lohan

Bailed Mama

Out of Foreclosure

10/11/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
was telling the truth when she said her mom was on the verge of losing her house ...and Dina Lohan is not out of the woods yet ... TMZ has learned.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ ... JPMorgan Chase Bank filed documents in 2010 to foreclose on Dina's Long Island home because she had fallen behind on payments.

Now here's where it gets interesting ...The bank and Dina cut some sort of deal in which mama Lohan agreed to a new payment agreement that would prevent her home from going on the auction block.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... Dina didn't ante up on her own -- she got money from Lindsay to make the payments. 

We're told Lindsay made payments that helped Dina dig out of the hole, but recently she fell behind again and Lindsay had to give her MORE bailout money -- $40,000.  And that's the 40 grand that Lindsay and her mom were arguing over when things erupted in the limo early Wednesday.

One final thing.  We're told Dina withdrew lots of other money from the Bank of Lindsay, including money to help pay for her kid brother's tuition.



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740 days ago

Tutti Frooooty     

This family is a pack of pigs!! They've squandered almost all of their money on partying and drugs and now mama Lohan needs her D list daughter to bail her out?? Why wouldn't they just buy the house outright when Lindsay had millions in the bank??

740 days ago


if but of them are sober as her fans claim, then why do they have to take a limo?
doesnt Dina own a car?
why not bring Ali out a designated drunk?..
its not like she hasnt been clubbing her entire life with dina and Lindsay

740 days ago


so I guess Dina doesnt have the Money to Have that Neighborhood "carnival" Gathering this year.
an Cant fun her book on sobriety an healthy living.
maybe when the Porn money comes Rolling in she can get that Child care service started

740 days ago


Hey TMZ, why dont you look into how many thousands Dina owes in back taxes.

740 days ago


Oh boy. Dina is becoming more of a trainwreck every day. A lot of people have one parent who is terrible, but to have BOTH ... It's not surprising she turned out this way. She needs to get and STAY sober and keep away from them. She will still have her siblings Mike, Cody and Ali, who seem to be doing OK thus far.

740 days ago


Lindsay told her father in the audio phone call that, her AND her brother lent Dina the 40k. So the money didnt come from just Lying Lindsay alone.

740 days ago


Wellllll ... that explains a lot. We now know why Dina is always making excuses and not finding any fault with Lindsay's outrageous behaviors.
Guess you can't tell your daughter to stop getting into so much trouble ... when you owe her a small fortune. That probably also explains why Lindsay is always "borrowing" stuff from stores ..etc. guess she has to support both her mother's erratic lifestyle along with her own. This family is even more messed up than anyone thought.

740 days ago


Once again we get our information from "sources close" that Lindsay gave the money to her mother and that Dina has been getting money from her for other things. I'm not saying Lindsay didn't give her the money, but this story sounds fishy. Sounds more like a PR stunt than anything to make Lindsay look good.

740 days ago


Lindsay Lohan ‏@lindsaylohan
It's time to get some quality sleep with @drinkmrpink :)
Note to lindsay, you posted this at 4:00 am..
so "QUALITY" sleep means the cocaine wore off.
think before you screw you employer over

740 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

With her sugar daddy money because we all know this bitch is broke !

740 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I am sure that Dina's money as Lindsay's manager paid off that house long ago, but Dina took additional mortgages out to pay for her foolish lifestyles. Rather than get a real job, she places her energies into becoming a star in her own right. She financed her stupid movie that she wrote about a drug addict starring her eldest son. Who paid for her to shoot "Drama Mamas"? She did and then tried unsuccessfully to hawk it to Bravo or some other network. Now they make their money off selling trumped up stories to the tabloids, and anyone that feels sorry for poor Lindsay is just drinking the Lohan poison Kool- Aid.

740 days ago


Dina is a pathetic POS who should have had her kids taken away from her long ago. You just don't get any lower than the two Lohan ""parents"".

740 days ago


Well of course there was an argument. $40K is a lot fo Lindsay these days.
She's spent the GDP of a small nation on lawyers. She's got coke dealers to keep paying, payments for duck-lip injections, weekly pu§§y scrubbing and de-crabbing, hair dye, rental cars for crashing, etc. etc.
I'm amazed she had that much to give to Dina!

740 days ago


HEY LINDS I NEED 40K to pay my morgage...

740 days ago
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