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Lisa Vanderpump

Targeted In

Sexual Assault Suit

10/12/2012 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


An actress/restaurant server claims she was the victim of sexual assault and battery at Lisa Vanderpump's Beverly Hills Restaurant, Villa Blanca, and she's suing Lisa and the man she claims did the dirty deeds for more than $5 million.

Karina Bustillos -- who has appeared in "The Mexican Conspiracy" and "86'd" -- claims in April, a Villa Blanca manager, Michael Govia, told her to close her eyes. She says when she eventually opened them, Govia's mouth was open with his tongue sticking out, right by her mouth, in an attempt to kiss her.

Bustillos says she complained and then Govia began retaliating, calling her a "bitch" and a "c**t" and telling other servers he could "get her" -- implying he could sleep with her if he wanted.

Karina Bustillos
She says in August, Govia allegedly approached her and aggressively twisted her wrists. She says when she asked him to stop, he responded, "I will do whatever I want. I'm the manager."

Bustillos says she complained to others but no action was taken. Bustillos also says Lisa Vanderpump gave her the cold shoulder after she complained.

Bustillos, who claims she was forced to quit, is suing Lisa, her husband, Ken Todd, the restaurant and Govia for more than $5 mil.

Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ, "The waitress had a falling out with a manager.  Of course I take that seriously.  We've looked at all the cameras and there's no sexual harassment." Lisa adds, "This is just a disgruntled employee."


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It will be interesting to find out more. as an avid fan of Judge Judy I know that the "burden of proof" always falls on the plaintiff. Lisa and Ken don't have to say a thing if she has no proof and it's just her word. I think if she had proof she would have filed a criminal case first and if he was found guilty the civil case would be a shoe-in, then it would just come down to the amount of $$.

707 days ago


"Forced to quit"? Meaning she felt so "uncomfortable" with the situation that she was forced to quit? Hope she can prove his conduct caused interference with her job performance, or caused her "psychological damage"...might be tough to prove...seems more like a bitter failed actress who didn't luck out in the money department the way she wanted to...but that's merely a theory....

707 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Wow, this chik is HOT!!!
Only in H'wood can someone like that not get enough work and have to waitress.
BTW, she could have just pushed him away with humor the first time and probably everyone would have gone on fine.

707 days ago


That girl is f*cking hot. I'd piss my seed into her.

707 days ago


So, he ALMOST kissed her and grabbed her wrists at one point and bitch wants 5 mil?! Please...

707 days ago


Sexual Assault is a serious charge, and should be a criminal matter, period. It's hard to form an opinion without knowing all the details and evidence, but foregoing a call to the police and jumping right into a 5 mil lawsuit looks pretty strange to me.

707 days ago


And this is why so many people don't take sexual harassment cases seriously.
5 MILLION dollars?? Tips must have been pretty good at that place if she thinks she deserves this kind of compensation for having to quit her job.
If this story is found to be true,she should be given 6 months salary, including her average tip wages, and that should be that.

707 days ago


...and the survey says: CHANGE YOUR NAME!!!!!
How do you throw your weight around town lady? 'Do you know who I am? I'm a Vanderpump.' No. It doesn't work!!!

707 days ago


Karina Bustillos full bio, pics and video is here plus a probable pic of Govia!

707 days ago


From the way the article reads, there was an incident, and she continued to stay in that job after that, and yet another incident. WHY? I know the economy is bad but I truly think , looking like she does, she could get a hostess job at any BH restaurant. Something's not adding up.

707 days ago

tom p    

now that they've admitted there is security footage of the "incidents" that they have reviewed, they better save it for the courts. Otherwise they will be destroying evidence, and they will never win this case. DUMB.

707 days ago


I've actually met the manager and worked with him. He's is one of the sweetest guys I've ever known. There's no way I believe this girls story...

707 days ago


These days, people file sexual harrassment lawsuit, and the victims are instantly looked as sluts. Very sad.

707 days ago


IF a sexual assault did indeed occur, FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES!!! If there is a guilty verdict, THEN file a civil suit. Simple as that. Sounds like this crazy biatch just wants $$$$.

707 days ago


Hmm let see, an ACTRESS/restaurant server claims she was the victim of sexual assault and battery.
CONCLUSION: Publicity stunt to get her name in TMZ. It worked, we're reading about a no-talent liar. If she was any good, we'd know about her already.

706 days ago
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