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Octomom's Current Nanny

Allegations of Abuse Are


10/13/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1013_octo_nanny_video_tmzOne of Octomom's current nannies is standing by her employer ... calling the allegations two former nannies made against Nadya Suleman "ridiculous" and "BS."

Two of Octo's previous nannies went to Child Protective Services last month, alleging that Nadya would barricade her kids in their room so she could take a nap and that there was sexual abuse among the children.

But TMZ spoke with Terry, who has been working for Octo for about a month now (since Octo moved to her new home in Palmdale). Terry says she's never seen anything like what the former nannies alleged to police, telling TMZ, "As far as I see, she's a good mom. She's got more patience than anyone I know."

TMZ has also obtained photos inside Octo's new home ... which she says show her home is nothing like what her prior nannies claimed it was like.

As TMZ first reported, Octo vehemently denies the allegations of abuse against her and her children and the Orange County D.A.'s Office rejected the case, citing a lack of evidence.



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Was that at Octo's house? If it was, porn must be paying well these days. That's a damn nice van sitting in the driveway. I work at a legitimate job and do okay but I still worry if my kids will even be able to get their core credits at a two year community college when the time comes. I guess I am in the wrong profession.

748 days ago


Alex Trebek "And the answer is...1SDR567."


Alex Trebek "Yes, Stiletto?"

Stiletto "What was the license plate of the car that hit Terry's face, backed up, and ran into her again?"

Alex Trebek "Stilleto wins the round!"

748 days ago


I would say she was a good mom too if I wanted to keep my job. Damage control anyone?

748 days ago


Gosh can people leave this woman alone so she can take care of her kids. Sure she made a mistake, but she is trying to do right by them. I'd do whatever I had to do to feed my kids.

748 days ago


Well, for a 30 day survey that was impressive news.

748 days ago


looks like another chain smoking meth head..nice teef!
where did they find this one? craigslist????
how can this hooker go around the country when she has kids to raise??

748 days ago


It's early days yet in Beautiful Downtown Palmdale. Give it some time.

Oh, you should check out ROL and pics of this "mother of the year" pulling her shirt down, pretending to breast feed some plastic dolls, and then pouring vodka into one of the dolls' mouth. Just a "stellar" performance at a Drag Queen club in NYC.

Such a good mother, BARF.

748 days ago


They just moved in. Please give them critters time to complete their home improvements.

748 days ago


The new nanny looks like a picture from Faces of Meth.

748 days ago


Oh please, Nadya has to make a living. What she does outside her home and not in front of her children to earn a living for them is nobody business but her own. In the public eyes she's dam if she do and dam if she don't regardless so big deal about the gay show. I bet some of the gays in that club have kids of their own waiting at home. And let's not forget Nadya is a grown woman, not a freaking SAINT like some of you on here proclaimed to be. BTW assume all you want, but no one on here knows what goes on behind Nadya closed door. But here's a fact we all do know, she's been taking care of all 14 of those kids of hers without incident and CPS and the police haven't found just cause to take any of them away so she must be doing something right. Last thoughts, wishing bad thoughts on the kids or wishing them taking away from each other and the only mother they ever known is just plain sick and twisted. JMO

748 days ago


Octo is trying to pass these photo's off as how her new home looks now on a regular basis? As if this is how clean her new digs are ALL the time? Pfft...please. Give me a break, as if these photos weren't taken the first night she moved in."Look at me! I actually clean my house now! I'm not a gutter pig no more!" Sorry octo, NOT buying're not only a pig in mind and soul, you are a pig and slob in the most literal sense of the word, and that will NOT change.

748 days ago

Sir Boo    

How does Octomom afford a nanny? I thought she was broke.

748 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Don't feel so bad now that I know that I'm not the only person whose first thought was, "holy faces of meth."

748 days ago


This women has mental issues and makes very poor decisions. She will continue to make bad decisions and if something is not done now, i'm very concerned the ending will be truly tragic. It's time for the courts to step in and take complete control of this situation.

748 days ago


But, but, but...I thought she claimed that she didn't have any help. She claims she does it all by herself. That's right, her lips were flapping. $ can pay people to turn a blind eye to abuse. Add this so called "nanny" to the list of people who will ultimately be held in judgement for allowing these children to be abused.

748 days ago
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