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Judge to 'The Bachelor'

You Don't HAVE to

Cast Black People

10/15/2012 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge has THROWN OUT a lawsuit that two black men filed against "The Bachelor" ... in which they claimed they were rejected from the show based on the color of their skin. 

In the original suit, the men pointed out that every bachelor in the show's history has been white -- and claim producers intentionally stayed away from people of color because they feared an interracial relationship would alienate the show's "predominantly white viewership."

But a Tennessee judge has officially dismissed the case -- citing the 1st Amendment (Freedom of Speech) ... and explaining that the court cannot tell TV producers ... or movie producers ... or playwrights ... how to cast a production.

In fact, the judge explains that Freedom of Speech is why "The Cosby Show" could have an all-black cast ... why "Jersey Shore" can cast all-Italians ... and why  "Shahs of Sunset" can cast all-Persians.

A rep for Warner Bros. -- which produces the show -- tells TMZ, "We felt from the onset this case was completely without merit and we are pleased the Court has found in our favor.”


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Face it, no self-respecting black person would want to be on that show anyhow. No self-respecting white person ever was.

735 days ago

OH NO!    

Damn, "The Man" sticks it to black people again! .....When will it ever end?

735 days ago


After this whole fiasco, the show will never be able to introduce a black contestant without him/her being treated like a token hire by the viewers.

I mean, it's a no-win scenario.

735 days ago


HAHA! Get over it. We don't need major networks ruined. The gun fights at the BET awards is enough. Become a famous athlete and you can have a hot white woman. Otherwise, you get what you get.

735 days ago


Why would you even want to be on a boring show like the bachelor where you know everyone is fake trying to get their 15 min. of fame?

735 days ago


PLUS... what the lawsuit didn't consider is that the guys filing the suit weren't... how can I gently say this... let's just say they were... ugly.

735 days ago


So much for me finding my one and only true love in a matter of weeks!

735 days ago


Cue the TMZ ethnic cleansing comments. It's not racist because racism only exited during Slavery, which is over, therefore racism is over, right?

735 days ago


Why would ANY black person want to be on that show anyways? There are already bad stereotypes about black people on so many "reality" shows. What they should be doing is trying to break these bad stereotypes on respectable shows not these bachelor, basketball wifes, hiphop wives, house wives or whatever. It's degrading to humanity.

735 days ago


The Cosby show is about a black family, Jersey Shore is about Italians but the Bachelor is not about a particular race but about an unmarried man

735 days ago


Black people, you are lucky. The Bachelor is an embarrassment to us white folk. On behalf of my milk skinned brothers, I apologize for having that snoozefest on prime time television.

735 days ago


Whatever. waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa crying the race card once again. Don't they realize that there are stations like BET and Centric that will only show black shows. How about the Source awards, Black Excellence Awards, Black only beauty pagents, etc. They totally exclude whites. But that has to be accepted. If whites want to exclude blacks, waaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa race card garbage. Give it a rest !

735 days ago


When the show is called: "The Janitor" you should have no problem being cast.

735 days ago


Just another example of how the media controls and influence the notion of the "Beauty Standard" in America. Black people in the eyes of the media is essentially only profitable when seen through the lens of the "Modernized menstrual show", instead of whites in black face its black people in black face; typically blacks are only seen in the media as acting out, being sassy or just simply being violent. Whats more concerning is the willingness of black people to comply with this notion and further perpetuate stereotypes and social stigmas; the most prevalent examples are in almost every VH1 show, Bad Girls Club, and World Star Hip Hop, just to name a few.

735 days ago


I am an ex-teacher and had a wonderful, bright science student that was the product of a mixed marriage. She was dark complected and accepted as a great friend in a school that was probably 99% white. ONCE the student realized her mother was white, she unfortunately became a REJECT. Just Saying. Food for thought.

735 days ago
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