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Some A-hole

Egged My House

10/16/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

got a nice little house-warming gift this weekend -- when her brand new pad was PELTED WITH 3 DOZEN EGGS ... by some mystery vandals.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ ... the mom of 14 wasn't home when the prank went down late Friday night -- she was in NYC attending a drag queen show at XL nightclub -- but her children were.

We're told Octo discovered the mess outside her Palmdale house when she came back Saturday morning -- with eggs covering her van, garage door and front drive-way.

Not only that ... we're told the eggs sat for so long, they attracted a ferocious army of ants, which fed off the rotting goo.

As for the damage ... we're told it cost Octo $100 to clean the eggs, and another $100 to kill the ant infestation.

Bright side ... Omelets!


No Avatar


WELCOME to the neighborhood, gurl.

685 days ago


First time she's seen unfertilized eggs.

685 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

TMZ will never leave Nadya alone because she doesn't want them to. If not for bad press Nadya wouldn't get any press at all. If not for trash talkers, nobody would talk about her at all. She makes money off of being a trainwreck, so don't cry for Nadya.

684 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

That was just the neighborhood welcome committee.
Phishie from Philly

684 days ago


isnt this vile woman bankrupt???? How is she able to live this lifestyle???? And paying $100 for someone to clean the mess firstly she could of done that herself and secondly she could saved a lot of money buying a cheap cleaner to clean all of it up. This woman is disgusting she never looks after her kids and seems to think the world owes her something she needs to grow the **** up and look after her children. They didnt ask to be born and it was her that actually went out her way to a doctor to have a abnormal amount of kids at a time. People like her make me sick I know people who cant have children and she goes to have 14 children which she doesnt even look after and dumps them on anyone she can find while she goes to strip at clubs and act like a whore. Where are child services??? These children are being negleted and should of been taken away a longg time ago if this was a normal person their kids would of been taken away by now. Those kids are better of in care then with her in fact if they were taken away she probably wouldnt even care. Selfish, horrible woman.

684 days ago

BB not bb    

She can get video cameras pointed in front of her house to record any intruders, and then send the tape to the police. Why does it cosst so much to get rid of some eggs? You can hose it off with the garden hose. Ants you can just step on.

Ants don't even bother me, especially if they are outside. I just flick them away or move away from them. I doubt ants climbed to the top of the house to get at eggs.

684 days ago


All is goood in the world my friend.

684 days ago



684 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I wouldn't be surprised if Octowhatwereyouthinkinghavingallthosekidsmom egged her own house for publicity. She's also a publicity and I could see her doing this. If someone was going to throw something at her house it would have been Big, nasty, stinky 💩

684 days ago

BB not bb    

What if it was her kids? What if they were mad at being left alone for her to go to a drag queen event? I guess you would hear craking eggs on a house but who was watching the kids then?

Maybe it was vandals, but kids do this on mischief night, which is coming up. It isn't like a death threat at the other house. Also as far as ferocious armies of ants, they leave when the food is gone. After the eggs are gone, the ants go elsewhere.

684 days ago


What a waste of perfectly good chicken eggs. BTW, BS on the costs to clean it up. All it takes is a hose and a can of bug spray if you do it yourself. But since Octho never does anything herself she probably was stupid enough to pay that much to have someone else do less than an hour's worth of work. All the better to make it seem more dramatic.

684 days ago


I think she did it herself and ran to call TMZ. Tomorrow she will have a poorly written 'death threat' note with her handwriting written in crayon claiming teletubby haters are coming to get her. Lay off the vodka, Natalie.

684 days ago


What the H3ll was she doing at a drag queen show? Then, again....she looks like a drag queen.

684 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

Bwahahahahaha... well that was well deserved.. Now.. TMZ fix your site! I have to log in every time even though I check "remember me". Fix now.

684 days ago


Why is this news? The "A-holes" are neighborhood kids, they always do this. Same thing happened to my neighbor, they also got TPed. This idiot took pictures to sell/give to TMZ but couldn't just pick up a hose? Now those kids are enjoying their handy work online and got a rise out of her(by calling them A-holes) so they will keep doing things to her home for the attention. For a woman with so many kids you'd think she would get them.

684 days ago
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