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Terry Bradshaw

Bush "Chasing Chicken"

Adlib Was Bad Inside Joke

11/5/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Terry Bradshaw made the biggest fumble in the NFL on Sunday when he compared Reggie Bush TD run to "chasing a bucket of chicken" -- but the jaw-dropping comment was intended to be an inside joke ... TMZ has learned.

Hall of Famer Bradshaw was describing Reggie's play during yesterday's halftime highlights show on FOX NFL Sunday -- when he spewed, "Look at this Jimmy, like he was chasing that bucket of chicken that the wind was blowing the other day."

Sources who were inside the FOX studio yesterday ... tell TMZ Terry was not trying to insult African-American Reggie -- but instead was taking a shot at fellow FOX analyst Jimmy Johnson.

We're told the entire cast and crew has always busted on JJ -- on and off air -- for his love of fried chicken ... and that's why TB called out Jimmy during his comment.

So, we gotta ask ...

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Not even eyebrow raising, let alone jaw dropping. People know Terry is not racist. There are much bigger 'fumbles' than that on the TMZ TV show, which are usually made by Harvey, and are innocent, too.

717 days ago


No big deal TMZ still sucks

717 days ago


Is a bucket of chicken a racial thing now? Don't all people of all races eat chicken from a bucket at some point in their life? Seriously, the comment is not a big deal. Personally, I am white and would chase down a bucket of fried chicken like a demon! I love me some fried chicken!

717 days ago


At least he wasn't busting the windows out of your car!


717 days ago


The thing I find most stupid and offensive is that we have been referring to black people as african-american when they're us citizens. i don't need to be called german-american.... so dumb. and fyi, at the moment i'm eating chili covered in crunched up doritos. i'm a white girl, and i love chicken. thank gawd i've never had my bucket flying in the wind as i would imagine i would be extremely pissed.

717 days ago


Not racist...move it along. Quit giving these idiots who love to play the victim card a reason to throw themselves a pity party and start whining. This is so dumb it shouldn't even be considered news. Now you've given these idiots a reason to jump on their soapboxes and start crying about how and why this is directly related to how sh*tty their lives are and why it's everyone elses fault.

717 days ago


Interesting that the host didn't pick up on the joke, but Michael Strahan did.

717 days ago


Newsflash !!!! Black people like fried chicken. Thats why there are Popeyes, Churchs and Kentucky Fried Chickens on every MLK blvd. If this was an italian guy and it was a reference made about pasta nobody would care. If black people would worry about the mess their ghettos are in half as much as they do about what somebody on tv says maybe they wouldnt be such an embarrasment.

717 days ago


Hey Terry;
Next week when a white man scores a touchdown,
just say, he looked like he was running home for
a bowl of quaker oats. Or, mom's apple pie.
Blacks do not have a patent on loving chicken or
watermelon, and any other food that's tasty or
good for you, ask Tiger Woods, or Fuzzy Z.

717 days ago


I have never understood why liking chicken and watermelon is considered something bad. I am white, but I probably eat more chicken and watermelon than most black people do. I love them both. People can talk all day long about how much I love my chicken and watermelon and I will say "Hell yes, I do!" I don't get it.

717 days ago


Why is this considered racist or insensitive? Chicken is great. Everybody loves it. It's only racist because you make it racist.

717 days ago


Terry Being Terry.. I'm not offended.. I'm Black as I can be and I'm voting Obama and I love Chicken.. I had that happen to me.. and sometimes what you say is not what it meant to sound like!

717 days ago


We're living in a society where everything is so sensitive. I do not wish Happy Holidays any more, because if Religion. I remember when "gay" meant happy. Just do your job, think before you speak, because anything you say can be taken of if context. P.S. some of the ppl posting it's not racist are the same ones who refer racial Kool-Aid remarks to the President.

717 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Ya gotta admit that was funny as hell. He should cut Reggie a break though, he has to live down being a Kardashian for a while.

717 days ago


for Pete sakes you cant say anything anymore without a big freaking deal made about it!!

717 days ago
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