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Joanna Krupa & BF

The Hot, Wet

Bikini Hook-Up

11/6/2012 5:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Joanna Krupa in a bikiniRidiculously sexy "Real Housewives of Miami" star Joanna Krupa got the ride of her life ... by straddling her very lucky fiancé Romain Zago in the nippy waters off South Beach this weekend.

The 33-year-old smokin' hot bombshell showed off her perfect Polish lady parts in an environmentally friendly green bikini.

Joanna is really wrapped up in her man.



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I still don't get how "society" dubs this as "hot"

All I can see is a TOOTHPICK wearing a bikini.

I'm a guy, and from one guy to all you others;
Get the f*ck out of your mommy & daddy's basement, off the playstation, stop visiting porn sites, go outside and experience the world.

715 days ago


She may be pretty but she is a crazy, drunken mess, which to most men = hot.

715 days ago


Yet another woman who can't seem to find a bikini bottom that actually covers her ass. This is a disgusting display of trashiness. There is a time and place to show your bare ass and it isn't in public.

715 days ago


I think she is gorgeous...but not very bright. Any woman who puts with a cheating man has some serious issues...and she can't handle her alcohol.

715 days ago

OH NO!    

Finally a hot woman on TMZ! Tired of all the fat dumpsters that have been posted lately. 50 pounds overweight is not attractive. Stop eating America!!!

715 days ago


like Julie explained I am impressed that people can make $7134 in four weeks on the internet. did you see this link..

715 days ago


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715 days ago


Yee haw ride that pony!

715 days ago


She's not my dream girl but I would drop some serious cream in her backdoor!

715 days ago


Polish Hooker, have you heard her try to string a sentence together, she can't, exactly

715 days ago


Though this "lady" is a loose cannon, nuts, and, evidently, has run through LA and Dubai - as a porta potty, her butt and body is really amazing. That being said, she seems like a nightmare, poseur, and her fiancee, who seems really cool, could do better, mostly in Miami.

715 days ago


She may be pretty but she is mean & nasty & can't hold her alcohol!

715 days ago


She is pretty but that's about it. She has no education, no personality and when she speaks, you can tell all she has is **** for brains. Her BF keeps her around to have a hot piece of ass to ****, but he cheats on her because men need more in a relationship than an immature needy model with no skills and nothing to bring to the table. I see this in LA all that time.

715 days ago


That girl is one hot mess crazy b*tch. Maybe pretty on the outside but HOLY SMOKES she is a lunatic!!!!

715 days ago

Mick Kahler    

I would smack her face around with my rhythm stick!

715 days ago
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