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Usher to Ex-Wife

Time's Up!

I'm Selling the Mansion

11/12/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Usher is finally making good on his threats to evict ex-wife Tameka Raymond from the house she still calls home ... officially listing his Georgia mansion for a cool $3.2 million.

Usher bought the 12,544 square-foot pad in 2007 -- while still married to Tameka -- for $3 million. He officially listed the digs last week.

TMZ broke the story ... Usher's ex has continued to live in the house as part of their 2009 divorce agreement -- but in September, Usher made it clear he was planning to sell ... and Tameka would be kicked to the curb.

As for the house, it's pretty huge ... 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 10-foot ceilings, massive pool, in-home gym, 4 fireplaces, a library, and a NASA launch pad. Kidding ... NASA doesn't have funding for this place.

Sources close to Tameka tell TMZ ... she is completely unfazed -- adding, she runs her own small business and doesn't need any handouts.


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jenny ruby    

the NC house better not be for sale.
I have asked for everything to cease.
no one does anything in my name
no hires or sells anything having to do with me.

675 days ago


Even if everything was hunky-dory with them, I find this house, as well as other celebrity homes, way too big for only two people.

What's the point of buying such a big place?

675 days ago


So she, the nasty, fat beast, doesn't need handouts? Then why is she in court attempting to get every red cent that she can? This "lady" is a crazy nut, gold digger, and looks like a man, or at least a tranny.

675 days ago


LoL..You know that laugh you get when something is funny but its not a loud laugh...then you read it again and again..and the laugh builds up!! Mainly because You have read it in the voice of the narrator...That Is ME!! LOL... how I love TMZ!

675 days ago


$3 Million is chump change to this nasty spiteful tool, he throws expensive gifts at Beiber. Usher has shown his true character in behaving so callously to the mother of his 2 children.

675 days ago

Nicki G    

If she didn't need any handouts she would not have been begging for that Sach's card or living in Usher's house for free after the divorce. Her free ride is now over. Move on. According to her though TMZ always prints this story and it's false. Wonder what she has to say now.

675 days ago


Time to kangazoom back to the ho house she calls a small business.

675 days ago


Usher should be ashamed of himself. He has embarrassed her enough! He discarded her when he was done with her, took her children (weeks after her son died) and now taking the house back.
I really don't care what the agreement was, he is just being nasty. This is the mother of his children and he should at minimum buy her another smaller home, give her kids back and co-parent. The grandmother and nanny and his girlfriend still can't take the place of MOM. I used to LOVE Usher for years but now I just shake my head. It's really a shame. Please make it right.

675 days ago




675 days ago


If she doesn't need any handouts then why did she rant to the judge when Usher removed her from the credit card for neiman marcus?And why didn't she move out of the house when she got divorced.? Oh wait cause she DOES NEED A Everyone knows how much of a gold digger she is and will continue to chase the next dollar sign

675 days ago


Good for you, Usher! Kick that old bitter hag out

675 days ago


Sources close to Tameka tell TMZ ... she is completely unfazed -- adding, she runs her own small business and doesn't need any handouts.

My sources have told me Usher was wondering why she continued to live there although she knew he was selling the house.?

Then again she was just a piece of furniture anyways. and she might think she was being sold with the house.

675 days ago


I am not implying nor am I saying that Usher is a saint. He has made deals with devils and done some rotten things. But not every story needs to have a devil and an angel. Many of them are rife with devils, no angel to be found.
Tameka, to my knowledge, has given birth to at least 4 children. 2 by Usher and 2 by some other person(s). The first 2, which included Kile, were sent to live with their biological father by the court system, which ruled that Tameka was an unfit mother (even with Usher bankrolling her). 900 times out of 1000 custody disputes, the judge will give the children to the mother. 99 out of 1000 custody disputes, the judge will place the children in foster care.
Something to keep in mind, the first order of business that Tameka had the judge take care of in court was the Saks card. Not custody of the children she loved with all of her heart. No, she had Usher's Saks card reopened so that she could continue doing her business (on Usher's dime). How she paid for her business prior to meeting Usher is beyond me, but apparently this business existed before she met Usher.
Usher is a devil, no doubt about that. So is Tameka. When dealing with angels and demons, only evil can prevail.

675 days ago


Always loved Usher, after he threw that bottle of water at a women he looked small to me. This only makes it worse. You want to be a man than act like one, no matter the situation have some respect for yourself and the mother of your children.

675 days ago


You guys cleary don't know all the facts Tameka has never been a mother to any of her kids she has 5 kids well had and she dont have custody of the others...she didn't even have custody of Kile...the only reason she wanted the ones she had with Usher is because hd had money and she was going to use them to get money from him usher is not her her you ppl need to stfu she's just a freaking gold digger something is cleary wrong with her becauss she don't have any of her kids

675 days ago
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