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Continues to Tickle Kids


11/21/2012 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elmo is alive and well in toy stores across the US of A ... and allegations of underage sex involving Kevin Clash, the voice of the famous puppet, has had no impact on sales.

TMZ contacted more than 20 toy stores across the country, and none of them have pulled Elmo from the shelves. Indeed, most of the managers in the stores were unaware Clash had resigned after a second man came forward claiming he had underage sex with Clash.

Most of the stores we called were Toys"R"Us.  A few examples --

-- Toys"R"Us on Broadway in NYC ... Elmo is still on the shelves.  There was no change in placement of the puppet in the store or returns.  The puppet is still selling.

-- North Lakeland, FL ... No change in sales.  Employee was unaware of scandal.

-- Brandon, FL ... Sold out of Laugh Out Loud Elmo.  Will restock soon.

-- Austin, TX ... We haven't been notified of the Elmo issue.  We still have Elmo dolls on the shelves.

-- Greenville, SC .... We do not have the LOL Elmo dolls in stock.  We're sold out and waiting on our next shipment.

None of the stores we contacted even hinted they might pull back on Elmo for XMAS.


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Why would they pull a doll from the shelves, TMZ? All Sesame St. needs is a new puppeteer or to eventually phase Elmo out if they decide on that course of action. But to yank the doll over allegations that haven't even been proven yet is just plain stupid. The character belongs to Sesame Street.

What the hell are you doing calling toy stores anyway? That's the dumbest thing ever!

669 days ago


this is so stupid.... why would you expect sales to drop? the sesame street target demographic is too young to know and understand what's going on.... furthermore, the kids that watch sesame street probably think elmo is *real*, ffs, they don't even know who kevin clash is....

669 days ago


ELMO didn't have sex with under aged males. why would elmo be affected?
gay people have every right to work wherever they want to work.
if you were born gay that DOES NOT mean you are a child molester.
newsflash-straight people are child molesters as well.
a child molester can be any sex, any gender, and any color.

669 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

TMZ, how many porn shops did you call? That´s where the real demand for Elmo will be.

669 days ago


Funny Elmo parody Video

669 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

And Elmo will have a boner as he's tickling the kids.

669 days ago


Romney was right why should tax payers fund Elmo or Big Bird? They are the 1% and are richer than you or I will ever be in Toys R Us sales. I personally would have funded NASA than Big Bird but Obama already gutted that! I guess the public's concern for BB is much greater than staying competitive in science and innovation. The people have spoken when they voted for mediocrity instead of being an exceptional nation. I guess I can let my hair down with obamacare coming and not try to do my medical treatments so exceptionally since marginally is acceptable!

669 days ago

Scott Levy    

Has anyone seen Nancy Grace's coverage of this case? She constantly refers to Clash as "Elmo" and talks as if the muppet itself was a pervert.

669 days ago

Ambition r my 2    

Some people have no dam common sense Elmo has done nothing it's just the person who was his voice and people need to grow up

669 days ago


It's not Elmo's fault - it's the dude with his hand up his a$$.

669 days ago

Ambition r my 2    

And on another note why does it matter what race or what sexuality the dam person was you people are ridiculous and very absent minded of a children character who has nothing to do with the person who was the puppeteer

669 days ago


back off Elmo ... and go after the loser accusers that need to find real jobs and get their hands outta their Elmo piggy banks

669 days ago


So sick that they let a perverted homosexual around children like this. This is the type of stuff that happens people!! Homosexuality is NOT normal!

669 days ago


Te Hehe

Just Like Mikey.

669 days ago


That is great as long as it doesn't come with Clash's hand up his butt.

669 days ago
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