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Jason Patric

I Gave You My Sperm

Now I Want Custody

11/28/2012 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actor Jason Patric is embroiled in a bizarre custody war, in which he donated sperm so his ex-girlfriend could have a baby, but according to the deal she could never tell anyone or ask for financial support.

TMZ has learned the facts surfaced in a court hearing earlier this month -- Patric was with on-again-off-again girlfriend Danielle Schreiber for more than a decade. They broke up in early 2009, and he allegedly told her that he didn't have any money to give her but he would give her the next best thing -- his sperm, so she could have a baby.

We're told Jason made it clear ... he would only provide his sperm if she didn't breathe a word to anyone and never asked him for child support. She agreed.

Baby Gus was born in December, 2009. In 2011, Jason and Danielle got back together but it didn't last long. They broke up in May, 2012.

Apparently, while they were together, Jason, who never paid Danielle child support, took a liking to Gus, because he filed legal docs in family court asking a judge to award him 50/50 custody.

But there's a little known law which says if an unmarried man artificially inseminates an unmarried woman with the help of a physician, he's NOT legally the dad and has no custody rights.

The judge has given Danielle temporary sole legal and physical custody of the boy. Jason has visitation rights. We're told Danielle is fine VOLUNTARILY giving Jason the right to spend time with the boy, but objects to a judge ordering visitation -- she doesn't believe Jason has or should have any LEGAL rights to custody or visitation.

The case is back in court this afternoon. We'll let you know what happens.



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That little known law you're referencing doesn't actually exist. Maybe Mr. Patric's agent would like you to believe it does, but it only applies to anonymous donors, not to known donors. A court will also not uphold an agreement to not support the child; it is the child who has the legal right to support, and a parent cannot waive that for them. They don't necessarily have to go after support if they don't need it, but an agreement made where a condition of the "donation" is no support for an unborn child will be held to be against good public policy and will not be upheld.

638 days ago


So what happens when Jason decides he doesn't want to play Daddy anymore? Will he just abandon his son then?

638 days ago


Donated sperm to an ex who wanted a baby, and it was made clear you were to be treated like a regular donor would be, which is not being obligated to pay support, etc. Ok, that part makes sense. Here's where their agreed upon plan failed: The two got back together, but sadly call it quits again. But while together, Patric naturally changed as he was around the baby and it was like a happy family. So he turned from a sperm donor to wanting a fatherly relationship.

Sounds like a bad movie.

NEVER donate to an ex. NEVER take sperm from an ex. You can't play donor as it's too risky cause of the relationship piece. Maybe it can work with a friend you aren't in love with. Maybe. Best bet is to use a sperm bank.

638 days ago

Uptown Eebony Browne

637 days ago


In the picture she is carrying a big bag in one hand and the baby in the other, he is carrying his own slippers only. He doesn't deserve to be the daddy.

637 days ago


has anyone thought what if the baby grows up wanting to know his father? What about the child's mental well being?

637 days ago


Halle Berry is like: why didn't I think of articial insemination? Then again who knows how she really got pregnant

637 days ago


People are so sick that it's beyond belief. Aside from that; There's no legal agreement that allows adults to decide for a child that he/she won't be entitled to child support. Every child is entitled to support until he/she reaches 18 yrs old and their bio (or adopted) parents are responsible for this support...not matter how nutty the parents are.

637 days ago

Wicked Witch    

Okay so now he wants this kid. What about all the times he ejaculated into other women, condoms and on his hands. Wouldn't they use that in court as prematurely abandonment of said sperm/unborn children?

637 days ago


Oh I thought that was Dennis Miller but I guess Dennis isn't a big fat douche.

637 days ago


I see the mother and son all the time at a restaurant in Brentwood. The son is a beautiful and sweet little boy and the mother seems really down to earth. I hope they can all work it out, especially for the baby's sake.

637 days ago


I see the mother and son all the time at a restaurant in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The son is beautiful and seems like a sweet, well behaved boy. The mother also seems really down to earth and friendly. I hope they can all work the situation out.

637 days ago


What are you a H-MO? Move on.

637 days ago


Should have got that in writing, Jase.

637 days ago


awww look at those cute chubby little legs...talking about Jason not the baby.

637 days ago
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