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Lindsay Lohan


With More Crimes

11/29/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

9:30 AM PST --

Lindsay Lohan
may not win an Emmy, but she will have a distinction few celebs have achieved -- she'll face a total of 4 new criminal charges on the same day on different coasts.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Santa Monica City Attorney will charge Lindsay TODAY with 3 CRIMES in connection with her car accident last June on Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica.  After ramming her Porsche into a big rig, she lied to cops, telling them she was the passenger in the car when in fact she was the driver.

Lindsay will be charged with:

-- giving false information to a peace officer ... punishable by up to 6 months in jail.
-- obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty ... punishable by 1 year in jail.
-- reckless driving ... punishable by 90 days in jail.

As we first reported, when Lindsay is arraigned in L.A. -- probably next week -- the judge will revoke her probation in the jewelry heist case and set a hearing to determine if she will go to jail for a long period of time.  One of the conditions of probation is that Lindsay must obey all laws.

Speaking of which ... her arrest this morning in NYC for assault (crime #4) could end up triggering a second reason to revoke her probation.

Translation -- Lindsay gets a medal of distinction, and she could be screwed.



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Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I know it's not nice to make fun, but........BWAHAHAHAHA

632 days ago


As if she'll really get anything more than a slap on the wrist, especially in the California cases. I'm convinced she could walk into a police station and murder a bunch of people while doing meth and end up getting a few weeks of probation.

632 days ago

Ellie G    


632 days ago


like OJ ,sooner or later they get caught

632 days ago


There is no doubt in my mind that she will do jail time, this time around. And hopefully as a violent offender. They have too much on her. And I thought she said she'd never be in another court room the day she called into TMZ after her formal probation ended. All the enablers got on us saying all she has to do is behave herself for 2 years and she's free and clear. Worst week ever for Lindsay. Great timing though for all of it to come crashing down.

632 days ago


I know you shouldn't lie to a police officer, but it is kind of silly that lying can get you twice as long of a sentence for that as for reckless driving.

632 days ago


marshmellowman had the whole break down.....can you post it again

632 days ago


Lynwood County Jail Chef....get busy with that Welcoming Brunch Menu...QUUUUAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

( btw Blo, Rikers doesn't do welcoming brunch)

632 days ago


At this time Lindsay is begging clients to give her jobs to help pay for her legal defese. Word is Hugh Heffner is thinking about bringing lindsay into the Harem for a one night appearance.

632 days ago


Oh hell..she'll just pop herself back in rehab (where she will scam and break every rule)and tell the judge she now had a revelation and soul searching blab blab blab. She seriously needs at least one yearning jail no early release. Poor Dinar tho...boohoo...who willnsupport her coke habit now?

632 days ago


I think it's have a little stalker!

632 days ago


And yet AGAIN, a judge will let it ride with a slap on the wrist. All this jail time talk by TMZ is just to grab headlines. I'll be surprised if she does ANY time, much less 30 days. Of course, it will take 18 months to hear the case, since her attorneys will delay, delay, delay, and the court system will keep allowing that also... What a game she is making of our legal system.

632 days ago


She has had so many probabtion violations it is not even funny, but still she walks and drives outside jail walls. Priceless: FXXX YXX on her fingernails during her court hearing for the Judge to see. Priceless: Missing your court hearing while in France. Priceless: Lying about stealing the necklace. Priceless 2 DUI one while on probation for the other. Priceless: Lying to the police about driving your car while causing an accident and so on....

631 days ago


Someone or some higher in the food chain people are after Ms. Lohan. For what, I do not know. But I do believe she is being targeted. There must be something else behind all of these arrests.

631 days ago

Tom Cruise    

About time. This moron is over due and should have been doing jail time long ago. No talent hack.

631 days ago
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