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Angelina from 'Jersey Shore'

Rejected By Gloria Allred

12/2/2012 9:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202_Angelina-Pivarnick_alred_tmzLegal powerhouse Gloria Allred loves to take on FAMOUS clients ... so when former "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick reached out to hire the famous attorney to sue MTV ... SHE SAID NO.

Our sources tell us, Angelina has a pretty big bone to pick with the network -- claiming she's been blacklisted from other jobs and it's all their fault. Specifically, we're told Angelina feels the network edits her appearances on "Shore" to make her look bad and has publicly humiliated her by rejecting her from MTV events.

We're told Angelina now wants to file a defamation lawsuit and reached out to Gloria first.

But the famous attorney  -- who has taken on high-profile clients like Scary Spice, Rachel Uchitel and Anthony Weiner's mistress -- wanted no part of her case.

We're told Gloria's office sent Angelina a letter saying that Gloria's current work load is just too damn big to fit her in.

Not to worry ... we hear Larry H. Parker is available.


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You gave to be the bottom of the bottom if Gloria wont take your case....ha ha loser!

692 days ago


Oh! I see she's still pissed she quit the show early on, and missed out on the fame and fortune!

She only has herself to blame for her failure. When you sign up for a reality show and act like that, it's out there forever for all to see, including potential employers. She will be lucky if MTV throws her a dirty penny and doesn't counter sue her for harrassment.

Too bad, so sad ... that's what you get for being a skanky bitch!

691 days ago


"Blacklisted from other jobs"--and what jobs are those, exactly? I've heard walmart isn't very picky... other then that, what is she qualified to do?? Ohhh you mean to tell me she thinks she has a chance at show business? LOL yeah not in a million years... lose the thunder thighs and get a nose job...and even at that, you'd be lucky to do d-list porn....I can guarantee you her half second on Jersey Shore was NOT the reason she can't find work...she's an untalented fat ugly ugly wh*re who's nickname is staten island delusional she would think she actually has a place in hollywood...laughable if she werent so pathetic...

691 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Must be a real douche bag to get rejected by the worlds biggest douche bag.

691 days ago



Gloria Alred has not actually TRIED a single case in 2 decades! She is the Jessie Jackson of the California Bar association...She threatens publicity and seeks a quick settlement.

691 days ago


It boggles my mind how the very same people that hate Angelina are the ones that support Snooki. I'm just confused. The fact of the matter is that Angelina's name was defamed and that can be seen from simply skimming some of the comments here. People hate the woman for no reason. The reason Allred isn't taking the case is because it isn't publicized enough for her. I doubt she would take the case for any Jersey Shore cast member, as they are all washed up now. She wants highly publicized cases that are easy to win. Angelina is simply not relevant enough in today's society to garner that much publicity.

691 days ago


I think she upset at herself for leaving the show the first season. And what jobs are you trying to get? Regular employment or reality TV?

691 days ago


*Dirty little hamster*

691 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

OUCH!! Poor kid. She'll represent any woman but you. The ultimate snub!

691 days ago

tmz posters dont know sh1t    

thats what that hoe get for being a quitter!!

691 days ago

w h i t e y    


691 days ago


She quit in season one.
She quit again in season two.
MTV got the message and didn't bring her back.

So what legal grounds are there? Oh yeah her hurt feelings and own stupidity.
Call her a waaabulance back to Staten Island

691 days ago


how would readers outside of the Southern California + Arizona area understand the Larry H. Parker reference?

691 days ago


She quit, she left the show, so you don't get the benefits of it.

691 days ago


You guys are being facetious when stating scary spice, rachel uchitel, and some other no name are "high-profile," right?

691 days ago
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