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Lindsay Lohan

I DO NOT Need Rehab!

12/2/2012 1:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1106-lindsay-lohan-tmzLindsay Lohan's friends are trying to make her go to rehab, but she's saying NO! NO! NO! ... telling them she doesn't believe she needs it ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has become so stressed out by her impending probation violation, she's been hitting the bottle hard ... drinking as much as two liters of vodka per day.

According to our sources, close friends of Lindsay have been urging her to go to rehab BEFORE she goes to court ... hoping the move might win her favor with the judge. 

But we're told Lindsay is having none of it ... telling friends she does not think she has a problem with alcohol. Our sources say Lindsay points to the fact that she recently completed three movies as proof she does not need rehab. Funny ... cause watching "Liz & Dick" suggests the opposite. 

We're told Lindsay is worried about the upcoming hearing, but maintains she will not check into rehab as a way to try and avoid jail time.

Don't say they didn't warn you.



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Seriously everybody. What if Lindsay reads your comments? Don't you see how hurtful you're being?! Lindsay is going to kill herself!!! Please leave Lindsay alone!!!! Please!!! I'm begging you!!!! She doesn't want to hurt anyone!!! That's the alcohol and drugs making her do that. Can't you see that???!!!! Can't you??!!!! Lindsay is a victim!!!! An innocent victim!!!!! Can't you see that!!!! Please pray for Lindsay and her mom Dina. They are such good people. If only you vicious HATERS WOULD LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!! Don't you see that it's your mean comments that are driving Lindsay to commit these horrible acts???!!!! Don't you see that?!!! It's not Lindsay's fault!!!!!! OMG, I'm gonna cry again!!!!!!

690 days ago

monie roche    


690 days ago


Dear virgin Mary, please protect blessed Lindsay from taking a gun, loaded with hollow point bullets, sticking it in her mouth and blowing her brains out!!!!!! Stop hating Lindsay, you haters!!!!!!

690 days ago


Chris Crocker-bwahahaha! STFU

690 days ago


Who ever said that she could ever act is a crack head. Liz and Dick was so ****ing funny. Was she just reading from a cue card or being fed lines through an ear piece under that wig? Taylor did not ramble like a Ho on meth about to take an answering machine apart to see the voices.

690 days ago


Poor Lyndsay!! People need to stop bothering her WORD!!!!

690 days ago


Reminds me of Whitney Houston when everyone bashed her about her being on drugs and other negative taunts at her till she died ..........the media is trying do the same to Lyndsay

690 days ago


Lindsay for what ever it worth find focus and new friends and enjoy your life.

690 days ago


I invite you Lin to East New York Brooklyn n find some true friends ...@BjgWjnn

690 days ago


You people disgust me to no end. If this person was a male we wouldnt have all this hating vitrol spewed at him I guarentee it. The double standard is alive and kicking. The posts on here confirm my anti-american hate thoughts. This girl is has more problems that are all out in public than anyone I know so what is your response, Lets just keep kicking her while she's down!!! I hope and pray that each of you haters the next time you walk out your door get run over by the nearest truck, bus, or car you disgraceful and absolutely vile!! individuals. I will definetely see each of you down under!!! You will answer for this in the end!!!

690 days ago

Peter Sc    

She cannot go to rehab without money and if you take into consideration that she has tried basically all the methods on the market it would not matter anyhow.

Rehab is a scam. People can stop drinking without rehab. If they don't want to stop, then cut them off and let them find the buttom.

690 days ago


put her ass in prison she needs new friends and a different surrounding for a couple years this will give her a better look on life and change her way of thinking.

690 days ago


Taking bets that Ms. Lohan will soon be a member of the 27 club.

690 days ago


How old is she? My money is on her not seeing 29.

690 days ago


@Maddy. My esimation is she could get appoximately 29 months in jail. Which, due to the overcrowding, could end up being at least 3-6 months. And that's only if the judge sets her sentences to run consecutively and not concurrently. But that is just for California. Does anyone know what is the maximum time she could serve in NYC? Anyway, my party is going on strong. We have a drinking game going on naming all of the LIES that Crackie has told over the years. ONE LIE= ONE DRINK. Anyone DARE to play?

690 days ago
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