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Jovan Belcher's Family

'We're Overwhelmed with Sadness & Confusion'

12/3/2012 11:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jovan Belcher's family tells TMZ ... they are desperately trying to understand why the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker snapped this weekend ... and are praying for the family of the woman he killed. 
As we previously reported, Belcher shot himself at the Chiefs facility in KC early Saturday morning after murdering Kasandra Perkins -- the mother of his newborn baby daughter.

Now, Belcher's family has issued a statement to TMZ ... saying, "As a family, no words can express the sorrow we feel over the loss of Jovan and Kasandra."

"The impact that this inconceivable tragedy has had on our heart is immeasurable; we are overwhelmed with both sadness and confusion. " 

"Jovan was our son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, grandson, and friend and we will miss him and Kasandra dearly.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Perkins family as they mourn.

We loved Jovan.  His kindness, humility, respect and gratitude for family and friends were steadfast.  The man we know and loved for 25 years embraced life and excelled at all he put his energy behind.  Jovan was overjoyed when Kasandra gave birth to their daughter, Zoey. 

He was happy to be a new father both he and Kasandra loved Zoey greatly.  The immense outpouring of sympathy and support from Jovan’s friends, teammates, coaches and fans have been a reflection of the impact he had on so many people.  Like them, we will cherish the wonderful memories we have of Jovan and we pray that those memories will bring us peace as we grapple to understand the unpredictable and tragic ending of his life and the life of Kasandra Perkins.  

As we attempt to grieve in the aftermath of this tremendous loss we ask that you please respect our privacy in doing so.  Only GOD can mend our hearts." For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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He “snapped” due his upbringing. Take a long hard look in the mirror Mom, from Jr. High this jerk was elevated to Godlike status, his momma along for the ride. Instead of instilling morality, she promoted wealth, fame, and celebrity. Own it!

635 days ago


He was very angry at this girl,for some reason.Perhaps it will all come out.He apparently was very unstable. This is an extreme,abnormal reaction on his part.

635 days ago


Has anyone interviewed victim Kasandra Perkins' family? I read Kasandra's sister (or bff?) is married to the phenomenal Jamaal Charles of the Chiefs, they'd introduced her to Javon. So sad for everyone especially their baby, now with no parents. :(

635 days ago


I dont know how anyone can mourn a selfish bastard like him. I'm sure people will start blaming the NFL now and sue everyone for something HE did. He doesn't deserve any mourning or respect. He robbed his own child of her mother and that little girl, even when raised by her loved ones, will never know what its like to have a mom. So sad for the baby and her mother

635 days ago


Clearly the guy wasn't right in the head. No one just wakes up & decided to kill their girlfriend & themselves. I'm not going to sit here & judge the guy. My heart goes out to both of their families

635 days ago


Love is hard to understand. Betrayal often outweighs loyalty. U think, my woman wouldnt do that...without a doubt u find out she did it! The devils anger enraged with passion took the breathe of the very one u loved till death do us apart. the mistake you cant take back multiplied by the living consequenses of ones actions left only one option. Die before being eventually caged like an animal. Now what awaits one after death is GOD's judicial call to order. GOD bless the child and show mercy to her mother. The devil wins again, his job is the destruction, of family!

635 days ago


Youtube> Tom Paxton..Johnny got a gun

635 days ago


Here in Dallas Tx this tragedy is referred 2 as 'bitt! I'll kill u'

635 days ago


Belcher's friends said his mental state may have been deteriorated due to a history of head injuries, pain killers, and alcohol abuse.
A person claiming to be close to Belcher, 25, has revealed in a series of e-mails that these issues as well as long-term domestic problems between himself and his girlfriend may have led Belcher to the murder-suicide he committed Saturday morning.
'When it comes to prescription medication it is unclear from my perspective whether it was diagnosed and authorized by the team or not,' the friend wrote. 'However I know he was under the influence of narcotics for pain and I'm sure the toxicology report will reflect this. However, Jovan drank ALOT. On a nightly basis. This is not a mystery as he did so in public and private.

635 days ago


Instead of going down in history as a great football player, he will now be known as a murderer and a coward. Of course, KC will probably retire his jersey number and place his picture on the walls for all to praise. I don't care what problems you have, but if you are going to get yourself that far over the line of anger, just kill yourself.

635 days ago

Monique Berry    

Ppl really kills me today bc they are so quick to go off of what tha media say or what they heard about something. In all reality nobody don't really knw what happen in their home in their relationship for any of this to happen. Stop judgin ppl. Bc of hat they have done in their life. And at the same time it is sad bc before all of this took place one of them should've just walked away frm the situation bc one thing is for sure n two is for certain this just did not happen over night. Prayers goes out to both familes esp to their daughter.

635 days ago


Unfortunately, they will never know what happened.....it's too bad! The families are left with the terrible and horrific way they both died. I don't know how you come back from this but I'm sure that they will pull together for each other.

635 days ago


I pray for his mother, their little child and the 2 men that actually witnessed him killing himself. I can't imagine the grief and the guilt that they must be experiencing. No one should have to see that up close. This probably will affect them the rest of their lives.

635 days ago


r.i.p to both of them but people need to stop pointing fingers at only him because no one knows what happened in that house she could've pulled a gun on him thinking he was heating and he got it away from her and shot her not saying that's true but stop judgin until u know more about the situation r.i.p to both and my heart goes out to both families smh

635 days ago


And commence the baby-grab by both families because whoever gets her will get the majority of any money he had.

635 days ago
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