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'Celeb Rehab' Star

Cheating Drug Tests

with Bogus Urine

12/4/2012 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"Celebrity Rehab" star Kari Ann Peniche is once again in danger of losing custody of her child ... after new evidence surfaced which shows she's ordering urine off the Internet and injecting it into her own genitalia in order to pass drug tests.

TMZ has learned ... Peniche's friend filed a declaration in which he claims he accompanied the former Miss United States Teen winner to a drug-testing facility in July and witnessed her injecting the urine into her genital area ... so she would "secrete the purchased urine" in the event a staffer at the facility followed her into the bathroom.

In August, Lee claims Peniche also confessed to paying off facility staffers in exchange for clean urine samples.

Lee says he witnessed Peniche using meth as recently as September -- despite having 50% custody of her 1-year-old son.

In light of the new evidence, the judge in the custody case found that Peniche poses a danger to the child ... and ruled that she cannot visit her son without a monitor until she takes two clean tests.

So far, the judge has yet to rule on the baby daddy's bid for sole custody.

6:28 AM PT -- Peniche's rep tells us ... "Kari Ann adamantly denies any and all negative allegations that have been made against her in her case. There has not been any evidence to establish that Kari Ann has, at any time, placed her son in harm’s way."

The rep adds, "Kari Ann has been a competent, caring and loving mother and will continue to do all that she lawfully can do to protect the health, safety and welfare of her son."


No Avatar


She is a waste of skin anyway. Who gives a gnats ass what happens to her. She is a little ****.

665 days ago

Mrs Luciano    

God bless her

665 days ago


to the editor/ author of article: Who is LEE in this posting?????
And this train wreck (KAP.) I feel for that poor innocent little baby.

665 days ago


What a fail of a mother! The court should remove the kid from her and award the child to the state. Give the kid a chance and remove em from the druggie dope head called MOM.
Something tells me the urine she is buying online is allot cleaner that anything else she puts down in that region.

665 days ago


I don't think this one will ever get it. If her cold isn't an incentive to get clean and serious nothing will be.

665 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Divorces/Seperations can get ugly. Accusatons by both parties can become vicious and distorted. Wonder if her significant other can PROVE anything he's said?

665 days ago

Good riddance!    

HURL!!!! That's seriously twisted and desperate! But given that it's bot of those things, we now we know how Blohan is going to try to test her next piss test.

665 days ago


How does she have any money to pay a grocery bill, much less drug testing facility staffers?

665 days ago


wow, she coulda just used the whizzinator

665 days ago


actually it would be a total pain in the arse but with all the ways to cheat drug urine tests these days they really should test the pee twice. One can keep bought real urine or synthetic urine on had for tests. I've seen it where the tester has said, "hey we need you to stay around because you have to fill something out (or whatever) then sit them around for an hour and make them pee again. Addicts don't carry enough urine for two tries.

665 days ago


Ordering urine online and injecting it into yourself to pass a drug test ... Wow, junkies are PATHETIC.

If you can't look at your child and tell yourself "drugs aren't worth it", you probably shouldn't have one.

665 days ago


This is a waste of a story to even post

665 days ago


I didn't even know they had pee facilities. And to inject someone elses's pee in you, is plain gross.

665 days ago


This is ridiculous! If the situation were reversed and the dad was the druggie, the mom would've gotten sole custody a long time ago with him getting superivsed visits.

665 days ago


The Whizzinator would been a dead giveaway for her so she had to improvise.

665 days ago
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