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Nick Lachey Accuser

He Choked Me And

Called My Wife a B*tch

12/4/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Lachey isn't just a heckler ... he CHOKED a San Diego Chargers fan at Qualcomm Stadium on Sunday and called the guy's wife a "f**king b*tch" ... this according to multiple people involved in the incident ... but Nick says it's all BS.

TMZ has obtained new video ... which shows Lachey getting aggressive with a Chargers fan who was wearing an Igor Olshansky #99 jersey (Igor played for SD from 2004 to 2008). 

We spoke to the guy in the jersey ... who tells us Lachey and his buddies -- all die-hard Bengals fans -- had been talking trash to him about the jersey for most of the 2nd half of the game.

The Chargers fan says Lachey made one particularly offensive comment about Olshansky that crossed the line ... and that's when the fan's wife shot back to Nick, "Well, he lasted longer than your boy band."

We're told Lachey flipped out and called the wife a "f**king b*tch" ... along with "a host of other profanities."

Tensions exploded ... and the Chargers fan says Nick lunged towards him ... grabbed him by the throat and shoved him to the ground. The fight can be seen in the footage obtained by TMZ.

As we previously reported, stadium security quickly responded and ejected Nick and his buddies. The Chargers fans were NOT asked to leave.

After the incident, Nick went to Twitter and BRAGGED about the situation -- saying, "Just got kicked out of the chargers stadium and couldn't be prouder! Go Cincy Bengals."

He later acknowledged the altercation ... tweeting, "i simply don't appreciate someone turning around and putting their finger in my face. call me crazy, but that deserved a reaction."

We're told the Chargers fan plans to file a police report against Lachey.

Nick's rep tells TMZ, “This was a verbal exchange between sports fans of opposing teams that went too far. While Nick isn't proud of what happened, he did not choke anyone or use defamatory language to any women at the stadium -- which the video tape clearly supports."

The rep also says police interviewed Nick outside the stadium and released him without charges.

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No Avatar


What an idiot. True NIck is finally being shown. What does he do now? Looking for attention that he now has a new role as tough guy. Get a grip Lachey.

656 days ago

Queen Karma    

First up, sorry people and not because I think Lachey is ok. He has alwys come across ok.
He has his money. He and Venessa earn their money. They are not like, say, Eric johns No Job Baby maker of Jessica Simpson. That man has no job. his job nis impregnanting and escorting Jessica.
Now, Nick Lachey acting out, even anme calling over agame. DUMB. How dumb can you be and then his friends, seems mone of them should ahev said, umm, Nicke, lets end this, go sit on opposite end,, ignore, one of us get our cell phone ut and record for the lawyers, and call security to sit here for a few...because YOU KNOW how this was going to end up. The couple have called their lawyers, picked out the color of the Mercedes, new addition to the new house and trip to Bora Bora, OK!!!!!
Hopefully, Nick did not do this and has good proof to present for the court case. He should take it to court adn fight it and not settle , if he is not guilty and not sing over a check and pay lwayers fees for these people.

656 days ago


Lachey is an ******* who can't handle the truth! Hey Nick how would you like someone to call your wife a BITCH??? What a friggin Bully.....

656 days ago

BB not bb    

Another thing they could do at stadiums is hand out beer cards and after you get your card punched for four beers, you can't buy any more for that game. Maybe that would cut down on the drunken fighting.

656 days ago


as cheesy people make it out to be, at least Nick was famous for singing. How many people try being famous by appearing and acting stupid on tv shows??? So why make fun of him for something you yourself cannot every possibly do? He is a decent singer & I might not like his music but at least he was in a boy band. What teenage boy doesn't want $$ and girls falling all over them? [Unless you are gay, have boys falling all over you.] Not everyone wants to live in a mediocre town, with a fat, ugly wife stuck at 9 - 5 job that pays $12/hour. They are looking for a pay day and i hope this couple gets hounded for being dirtbags. This guy walked away from the circus that was Jessica Simpson...he's not a bad guy.

656 days ago


That Chargers fan should stop whining and complaining and just drop-kick this idiot to the curb, and beyond.

656 days ago


This is absolutely ridiculous. You cannot see a thing, I literally laughed out loud.

656 days ago


I think the girlfriend's remark was pretty funny and clever. Touche" to Nick LaDouchey

656 days ago


Annndddd here comes the Lawsuit!!! Gloria Allred, where are you, I know you are out there lurking!?!?!?!?

656 days ago

Don Martin    

Way to go Nick. The woman has been trying to keep the fact that she is a B*tch secret and here you go getting yourself blogged on TMZ

656 days ago


Okay I'm more of a fact person. AND what I see in this video looks like Nick pushed the guy not choking him to the ground. Also it happened so fast I couldn't tell where Nick was at the whole time. Oh well, fights always happens at games. That's why Niners and tRaiders don't play a game anymore. TOO many fights, shooting, and killings.

656 days ago


He's going to be a good role model for his new kid isn't he? Too many trash, foul mouthed people have kids and then the kids end up trash like their parents. Too many kids don't have a chance in hell with the poor excuses for parents that raise them.

656 days ago


don't worry be happy , you will get PAID

656 days ago


So, how did he get violent with a woman? Just another example of why you can't take AOL seriously.

656 days ago


Clearly from this video there was MORE than a verbal exchange so not only is Nick a LIAR he verbally abuses Women too!

656 days ago
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