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Ric Flair's Wife

You're a Dirty Cheater

... This Marriage Is Over!!

12/4/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ric Flair's latest marriage has officially hit the mat -- his fourth wife has filed for legal separation ... claiming the legendary pro wrestler was as big of a cheater in their marriage as he is in the ring.

Jacqueline Fliehr filed the docs in Mecklenberg County, North Carolina earlier this month citing "acts of illicit sexual behavior."

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Jackie explains, "Husband has had numerous intimate relationships with other women during the parties' marriage, to the embarrassment and humiliation of wife."

Jacqueline also notes that she was a "faithful and dutiful wife" ever since they tied the knot in 2009.

But there's more ... Jackie claims Ric has totally screwed her out of tens of thousands of dollars in spousal support he agreed to pay when they hammered out a separation agreement back in October.

According to the docs, Flair agreed to pay Jacqueline $4k per month in spousal support ... plus a one-time payment of $15k to cover legal costs. He also agreed to pay $14k in back payments from the time they split in July.

But Jacqueline claims Nature Boy totally blew off the agreement -- and hasn't paid her one single cent.

Now she wants a judge to force Ric to pay up ... which shouldn't be too hard, considering she claims he still makes more than $1 MILLION per year. Not bad for a 63-year-old pro wrestler.

Ric Flair's attorneys tell TMZ,  Ric "denies the claims, contends there was marital and other misconduct on her part, and looks forward to the issues being resolved in court."

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695 days ago


Maybe Flair & Hulk Hogan can do a sex tape together for a little income.

695 days ago


He needs to throw her in the corner and give her a few chops.

695 days ago


haha...I know one of the girls he cheated with...she has no problem blasting it all over facebook, along with limo pictures and a picture of her son wearing some of his robes. She's about 25 years his junior and a well known gold digger.

695 days ago


Nature boy? I think nature grandpa.

695 days ago


So I guess being Wife #4, did not give her a clue that there may be trouble in paradise at some point. Either stupid or anticipating to become a widow.

695 days ago


If he had agreed to pay her $4,000 a month recently, he's getting money from somewhere. If his face ever appeared on a toy, a book, video, etc., he'd get royalties, and he's had a long career. One more comment, wow has he gotten old.

695 days ago


I remembered Ric from the 80's, I know the fights were fixed Kerry Von Erich whooped his butt several times.Ric would usually throw him over top rope for DQ and keep belt.Kerry did actually pin and win once,only to lose 16 days later.I never got to see that match.SOMETHING WAS FOUL IN N.W.A.i THOUGHT FLAIR WAS GAY,I DID NOT KNOW HE WAS A WOMANIZER,HE WAS A GOOD SHOWMAN

695 days ago


He needs to sit his OLD, raggedy ass down. Trying to be Casanova at 100 years old? Please! Gorgeous, long haired and 25, he is not! All the money in the world isn't worth waking up to a pair of wrinkled balls and a saggy ass! Take a seat troll!

695 days ago


How can these guys call themselves wrestlers According to Linda McMahon former CEO of WWE they are not wrestlers they are entertainers.

695 days ago

Tom Hardwood    

Flairs a old wrinkled punk! I like to meet that punk face to face and watch him wet his diaper, No brag just fact Jack!

695 days ago

Tom Hardwood    

Rick Flair's a wrinkled old punk, I'd spit in his eye on sight, and that fact Jack!

695 days ago


What is wrong with these women? First off, pick up an autobiography by any wrestler and you'll see they all jump in the sack with ring rats. Okay, too be fair, I'm sure there is one of two that are faithful. These guys constantly have women throwing themselves at them. The only wrestler I've ever read about that WAS faithful was Jesse Ventura. Poor Ric, I liked him as a heel in his heyday.

695 days ago


Ric has met each of his last 3 wives while cheating on the one before. Should not have surprised her any.

695 days ago


Retired and still the Dirtiest Player in the game

695 days ago
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