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Ariel Winter Case

Publicist Claims Mom Tried

to Leak Nude Pics of Sister

12/5/2012 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Ariel Winter
's mother recently attempted to leak nude photos of Ariel's sister Shanelle Gray through a Hollywood publicist -- this according to the publicist himself, who could end up playing a critical role in the battle for custody of Ariel.

Jonathan Hay tells TMZ ... Chrystal Workman -- the "Modern Family" star's mother -- contacted him this week, and said she had nude photos of Shanelle she wanted to secretly release to the public.

TMZ broke the story ... a judge awarded Shanelle guardianship of 14-year-old Ariel in October after allegations Chrystal was emotionally and physically abusing Ariel.

Hay claims Chrystal hounded him all week about leaking the pics -- which he says are 8 or 9 years old -- but he refused because he felt like Chrystal was trying to "sell out her daughter" ... and he wanted to help Ariel.

Hay says he's already been contacted by a member of Ariel's legal team -- but adds at this point it's unclear how much of a role, if any, he will play in the case.

Hay says he would have no problem filing a declaration in support of Ariel -- but says he has not been asked to do so yet.

Ariel's case will be back in court on December 10.


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This is disgusting, but more importantly: why does she have nude photos of her daughter? What kind of sick, twisted freak is this woman?!

694 days ago



694 days ago

w h i t e y    

Just another youtubean

694 days ago

Tammy LM    


Could you find out if this is a publicist that is just "courting a potential future client"(Ariel Winters) and lying saying he's trying to stop the mom from doing this horrible thing to her sister in an attempt to impress her into signing with him because she's such a hot ticket right now in the PUBLICITY department? I know publicists and this is what they do for a living. He would know what he could prove and what he couldn't and more importantly what he'd be expected to prove and what he wouldn't. Unless he actually has copies of those pictures or some written offer proving the mom did this. I'm not siding with the mom at all. I think she's crazy. I was just wondering if it wasn't another opportunistic person looking to cash in on this poor girl's situation.

Having said that if it is legit that the mother was doing this, she shouldn't be allowed to see her kids or grandkids for the rest of their lives. She's completely out of contol. I've never seen anyone so obsessed with cashing in on their children's careers. This woman makes Dina Lohan look like Mother Theresa.

694 days ago

chubbs McBuff    


694 days ago


Time for some more reality, i've been quiet for a while because I don't feel like commenting on constant pics of Shanelle and Ariel going to the farmer's market. First of all, there are no "naked pictures of shanelle," provacative, racey, sultry, yes. "Naked" No! I hope this makes everyone understand just how evil of a mother/woman Chris Workman is. For the people who are commenting that this "whole" family needs help, you obviously do not know Shanelle, nor are you aware of the outstanding normal family situation that Ariel is now a part of. Shanelle has not said ONE word to the media, she is not trying to further her career or gain publicity/money from this unfortunate event. As this case continues to unfold, chris will continue to be unable to hid the fact that she is an abuser, a liar, evil, and a cruel human being!

694 days ago


Hay is one smart cookie. By leaking this story to the press it stops Ariel's mom from leaking the photos. If he refused to do it you know there's a publicist somewhere who would follow through with it, someone looking to make a name for their company.

694 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

Wow. Kris Jenner 2.0?


694 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

I thought this was over! Well I guess not....

694 days ago


Absolutely horrible! Doesn't this "mother" (using the term loosely) have a minor son still in her custody? If in fact this story is true, even though Shanelle is no longer a minor, law enforcement and CPS need to look into her and remove the son as well. She should not have the luxury of having responsibility for any living, breathing being!

694 days ago

goaway getting really getting pathetic these days. Before Reality shows their were naked pics aka porn videos, of their daughters that made them famous.....Yuke.

694 days ago


I now hate this creepy woman with a passion; no mother tries to sell or release naked photos of her own child. This stupid c*nt needs a "Charles Bronson Bitchslapping" more than anyone on this planet...

694 days ago


that is a good mom! sell nude pics of your daughter to tabloids
my question is where are they?
i want to see them!!!

694 days ago


I don't know anything about the publicist but he'll be required to make a sworn statement or testify in court, meaning he will be subject to perjury charges if it is determined that he is lying. But it is possible that his motive is to prevent her from leaking the photos through someone else. Even publicists can be honest...

It's not clear how she would have such photos unless from the time the older sister lived with the mom, before she was removed and put in foster care. The younger sister looks a lot like her, hope the mom isn't trying to pass off pictures of the younger one as the older one... I wouldn't trust anything the mom claims about her daughters. This is not just teenager-parent conflict gone awry. This woman has a do***ented history. The older sister is in a good position to be guardian of her younger sister- she's old enough to be her sister's mother, has her own kids, and is well established and wants no control over the sister's money (and doesn't need it).

694 days ago


me want to see the sister...

694 days ago
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