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Brooke Mueller

I'm NOT Cracked Out

... Just Reeeeally Tired

12/8/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller insists she did NOT overdose Friday morning ... she was just exhausted from a jewelry-making bender ... but TMZ has learned Brooke's family is still VERY concerned about her drug use.

Brooke was in L.A. Friday evening ... when she told TMZ she has obtained medical records to prove drugs were not a factor when her assistant found her unresponsive at 11 AM and called 911.

We broke the story ... Brooke was rushed to a nearby hospital and discharged several hours later.

TMZ spoke to Brooke's assistant ... who tells us she's new on the job, freaked out when she couldn't get Brooke to wake up and mentioned Brooke's history of drug abuse when she was talking to the 911 operator. "I made a mistake," the assistant says ... adding, "I overreacted."

But TMZ has learned ... Brooke's friends and family members, including her mother, have been very worried about Brooke's drug use for the past couple of weeks.

Publicly, Brooke's mom has been an apologist for Brooke ... but privately, she's expressed deep concern.

Last night, Brooke told us she had been making jewelry nonstop for the past several days ... and was so exhausted, she simply passed out cold.

Maybe the jewelry making explains the charred black marks all over her right hand ... then again, maybe it doesn't.


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what is that crap on her hands ? Oo

648 days ago


Brooke, when you are addicted it feels like you can never enjoy life again without the fix, but that is the drug brainwashing you. Quit the junk and in a few months of being clean reality will start setting in again, and you realize how unnecessary the drug really is. After several years, you'll rarely think about it or miss it. Either go through the pain for awhile and you will get out of the wicked trance, able to enjoy life again without a fix...or you will die, it's that simple. Your choice.

648 days ago


it's sad that she carries her medical records with her.

648 days ago


same excuse/BS that Steve Honig scripted for Lindsay's little hotel overdose during the filming of Liz & Dick this summer.....get some new material, Honig, your playbook is showing....he must have a boner for representing crackheads....

648 days ago


Here we go AGAIN! Second verse same as the first.. As long as she is soooo in denial just keeps on!

648 days ago


A. Why does she need an assistant? B. Who stays up for days making jewelry? Crackheads is who!!

648 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Those hands are dirty from crack smoking. Not jewelry making. Tell someone else that BS.
Phishie from Philly

648 days ago


I am not saying she's not on drugs, but I can totally understand having black hands from jewelry making. If she makes her own glass beads in fire or is working with metal it definitely explains it. I don't make jewelry but I use metal in sculpting and I often come out with black hands, smears all over my face, arms etc.

648 days ago


Oh Brooke can't you stop?!! Not even for your sons? You certainly don't deserve them. I am praying your Mom has them and you cannot pollute them with this toxic were seen higher than a kite leaving dinner, photographed with those scary out of it eyes, how can you be this stupid after chance after chance has been handed to you? Show us your medical records, we will show you your PICTURE. Too high. Spoiled ignorant Hollywood bimbo, you had it all and now just look at yourself.

648 days ago


Crack ho sit down, and go raise ya kids, how bout that, selfish bit@h.

648 days ago

Joan K    

She looks like a homeless bum, what a frigging mess.

648 days ago


And where are her children when all of this is going on?

648 days ago


The ill informed and ill tempered have yet another chance to jump to faulty conclusions and hurl insults and invective.

648 days ago

pamela q    

Anytime she will be found DEAD. She is a tweeker & crack head. Where are her children? She is putting her drug needs before thinking about what her addiction is doing to her sons. She does not care if they grow up without a mom.... obviously. Look @ her hand, she looks like she has not had a bath in months. I'm not hlding out any hope for this person. R.I.P......

648 days ago


"The proof is in the pudding", eh Brooke? I guess TMZ will be getting some pudding today LOL.

Why didn't the TMZ reporter ask her about her hands? It could be nickel from making jewelery, but who goes out without washing their hands? Why did she have a heap of jewelry in the car at the ready? I'm sorry, but she's on something....

648 days ago
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