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Brooke Mueller

I'm NOT Cracked Out

... Just Reeeeally Tired

12/8/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller insists she did NOT overdose Friday morning ... she was just exhausted from a jewelry-making bender ... but TMZ has learned Brooke's family is still VERY concerned about her drug use.

Brooke was in L.A. Friday evening ... when she told TMZ she has obtained medical records to prove drugs were not a factor when her assistant found her unresponsive at 11 AM and called 911.

We broke the story ... Brooke was rushed to a nearby hospital and discharged several hours later.

TMZ spoke to Brooke's assistant ... who tells us she's new on the job, freaked out when she couldn't get Brooke to wake up and mentioned Brooke's history of drug abuse when she was talking to the 911 operator. "I made a mistake," the assistant says ... adding, "I overreacted."

But TMZ has learned ... Brooke's friends and family members, including her mother, have been very worried about Brooke's drug use for the past couple of weeks.

Publicly, Brooke's mom has been an apologist for Brooke ... but privately, she's expressed deep concern.

Last night, Brooke told us she had been making jewelry nonstop for the past several days ... and was so exhausted, she simply passed out cold.

Maybe the jewelry making explains the charred black marks all over her right hand ... then again, maybe it doesn't.


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It's Dave    

Nobody stays up for days obsessively making jewelry unless they're doing meth or are a severe manic/depressive in an extreme manic phase - probably fueled by meth.

591 days ago


I have been a jewelry artist for 10 years and have had jewelry making benders many times. Can't say I have ever had one that required hospitalization. Guess my body has a high tolerance for jewelry making. I have never OD'd on jewelry making thank goodness. I do deal jewelry on Etsy to support my jewelry making habit.

591 days ago

She's baaaack    

People who are reeeeeally tired usually get a bit of sleep. The mouth movement is reminding me of people on psych drugs who get tardive dyskinesia and have all kinds of odd movements.

591 days ago


Looks like meth face to me.

What a disaster.

This is not going to end well. You know it.

591 days ago


And by the way what is this junk you insist on draping across your forehead and around your head? The famous "jewelry"?That alone is enough to make you look suspect.

591 days ago


Hmmmmm.... My sister makes jewelry all day everyday and NEVER has she ever had black char marks on her hands. Then again,my sister is not a crack addict.

591 days ago


addiction can not be cured. it takes self love, determination, and constant vigilance to stay clean. sadly, some will never conquer it. when the partying starts in teens or twenties - who knows which will awaken addiction. russian roulette. stay clear.

591 days ago


OMG, look at her hand. It almost looks like she has lost blood circulation in all her fingers.

591 days ago


If she isn't doing drugs then why did her assistant assume she overdosed? Oh yea cause she did.

591 days ago


I have been overly tired before & never was unresponsive' but then we are not all alike, so who;s to say? However drug addiction/addicts can lie very well' afterall Brooke is a mom of two twins & has alot on the line. I really have one question? This lady has a assistant? lives like a queen, besides being married to Charlie Sheen, what has she done to achieve fame & fortune? Denise Richards' Charlies ex was & still is a acress/model, & has worked for most of her adult life, so what has Brooke done?

591 days ago


Her hand seems to have crack resin all over it

591 days ago


Hey Laffinbear we are laughing AT YOU, not with you. Denial is the answer for sure. How do you protect these children? There is clearly a crisis even if you won't admit it.

591 days ago


BITCH PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

591 days ago


Nobody's buying this crap. I have to wonder why she even needs an assistant--she doesn't even work. And those hands...another sign she just isn't right again. Sad for the children.

591 days ago


btw - they don't lock up for 72 hrs UNLESS the dingbat mental health evaluator decides from talking to the ADDICT that the addict is a danger to themselves (suicidal) or others (homicidal). Drug use and potential OD - even heroin - is NOT considered a danger to ones self. madness, right? our mental health system is bass aackwards. families don't have a chance in hell of saving a loved one from drugs.

591 days ago
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