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Elin Nordegren's New Mansion

How Swede It Is

12/11/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren's New Mansion
Elin Nordegren -- the very rich ex-wife of Tiger Woods -- apparently has an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome -- because she can't shake her Swedish roots.

Take a gander at the 21,000 square foot mansion she's building in North Palm Beach, FL ... with a Swedish flag firmly planted atop one of the chimneys.

You may recall, Elin bought the home with the $100 mil she got in the divorce settlement. She paid $12.2 mil, then promptly knocked down the existing 17,000 square foot home and built a shiny new one.

Good news ... the pool, spa and koi ponds are now completed. 

One thing for sure isn't in the plans ... a Tiger. 

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She better make DAMN SURE that Tiger stays up on his game making that bread - cause she gett'n all this sht with no damn real talent or other means of making THIS type bread to keep this sht up - or go marry another REAL RICH mthfkr and have some kids and draw some support off that sht. This mthfkr livin’g RICH than a btch (once again with NO talent) over some sht that the MAJORITY of broads in the US go through or put up with.

660 days ago


Looks like she needs to kick the general contractor's ass in gear. What is taking so long?

660 days ago


I think she was entitled to a good settlement. Tiger put her at risk having unprotected sex with dozens of less than savory women. Why didn't he ask for a divorce if he wanted to enjoy a playboy lifestyle? And finally, Elin was a good wife and he knew it. I don't think he begrudged her the money.

660 days ago


She might have been entitled to a little something being his wife WHICH WAS laid out for her in a prenup - but THIS BTCH did some sht almost like extortion - went after the prenup- that mthfkr is way, way too damn OVERPAID (once again) for some sht almost every damn broad across the nation is dealing with.

660 days ago


Elin - can I be your butler with benefits?

660 days ago


And all will be washed away in the next Tsunami. Nice to be rich for opening up your legs. The vagina version of 7-11.

660 days ago


Being patriotic is now called Stockholm Syndrome?

660 days ago


I wonder if she needs a pool boy?

660 days ago


All of you bitches are jealous of her. She was entitled BYLAW to the $ and after the way Tiger humiliated her, she deserved it.

660 days ago


I wouldnt be surprised if he had an STD....Thats what she used as leverage. 100$ mil? She bought a house, demolished it to build brand new? She will be broke soon and hanging on another guys wallet. She's got noghing but gold diggers talent. She aint getting any younger....she better get that house finished and put on those boots and hit the streets.....hahaha!!!!

660 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

First rule of being wealthy: don't squander it.

There is nothing quite as stupid as having been rich but pissed it all away to become hopelessly poor.

660 days ago


Elin deserves to be crowned as the greatest gold digger ever. She followed the guidelines:
1. Find a rich athlete (preferable African-American - they have a weakness for blondes)
2. Pretend you don't know or care who he is:
A great example was given by Alex Rodriguez's gold digging ex:
"What? You play professional baseball? I didn't know you could get paid to do that?"
That was a REAL conversation!!
3. Get married
4. Have two children - 2 = twice the child support
5. Stay for whatever time in the pre-nup. Once that time is up, pretend to find out about his cheating (that you knew about all along, but didn't care about because you were busy counting his money.) Or claim that he is cheating (that everyone will believe because he is an athlete)
6. Get divorced, get a huge amount of money plus child support. Find the REAL man of your deams and live happily, richly ever after.

660 days ago


Wow..So that's what a great chip shot will buy you..

660 days ago


why does anyone with 2 kids need a 21000SF home plus the staff that goes with it - think of all the good she could do with that money versus stroking her ego - Tiger was a pig and she deserved the settlement but really....

660 days ago

White Trash Wealth    

Big deal. She is a freakin' au pair . . not a model. Just plain white trash if you ask me.

660 days ago
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