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Lindsay Lohan

Dear Charlie, Sorry I Never

Said Thanks for the $100k

12/15/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_charlie_sheen_lindsay_tmzcomposite2Lindsay Lohan sent a belated "thank you" card and flowers to casa de Charlie Sheen for that $100k check he gave her -- this just days after he called her out for being ungrateful.

You'll recall ... Charlie did an interview this week and put LiLo's manners on blast, claiming the actress never actually thanked him for the money he gave her. Not a text, not a phone call ... nothing.

Now sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... LiLo didn't mean to be rude and the reason she never got around to thanking Charlie personally is because her phone broke and she lost all her contacts  -- including the actor's number.

Besides that, we're told Lindsay got distracted trying to deal with her slew of legal problems -- like getting arrested in NYC and the new criminal charges filed against her stemming from her PCH crash -- and she simply lost track of time.

But she made up for it ... we're told LiLo saw Charlie's comments and immediately fired off a "thank you" letter and a bouquet of flowers to his house ... as both an apology and show of gratitude.

Usually the best way to thank Charlie is with hookers, but flowers are nice too.


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Yes, I often am so busy I forget to thank people who gift me $100,000. Routine.

644 days ago


Remember her sending flowers to Kamofie as well?

She sends flowers to everyone she robs.

644 days ago


I do not know what happened but the other day I was saying good things about Lohan (maybe fate?) anyway an error problem popped up.I will still say this girl has has more people desert her than allot of people could handle, Ronson? think she loved her, parents? what the hell, and what happened to the bright look of I am going places? it is gone, so are Hilton, Dunst(?),Reid , Spears Simpson and others.... they had meltdowns and for good reason (except a few or two) Most straightend up and are back making films or took off and married athletes (the new flavor they hope will not cheat) Okay, but dissing Charlie Sheen? oh no , this mans private life is his own, but what he has done for others without asking for anyone to make photo-ops out of the special things he is or has been doing, he called her out and rightly so.I believe had she privately reached out to him he would have never said a word. Well, you may not see this (pretty big chance on that) but you are a good person and people are lucky to have you in there lives or just be surprised by you. Good Luck Charlie Sheen

644 days ago


Dear Charlie Sheen,
I could use $100k, or $75k, or $50k...or even $2k! Plus, I write excellent, timely thank you notes. It's not too late to make more polite friends!

644 days ago


Who is she fvcking kidding? Lost her phone? My ass. That thing is like an appendage, impossible to lose.

644 days ago


uptil I looked at the bank draft which said $5393, I be certain best friend woz like they say realie making money in there spare time online.. there best friend has done this for under and a short time ago cleared the depts on there condo and got GMC. we looked here,

644 days ago


She sure has a lot of phone problems and aren't they just ever so CONVENIENT? I call BS on her story. She's hoping he will give her more $$$$. Charlie, you are a jackass if you give this ingrate more money/help. She is like the movie The Money Pit. Crappy movie, crappy person.

644 days ago


If only she WERE a broken down busted up old house, TORCH THE BITCH!!!

644 days ago


He paid his bill. 100K

644 days ago


Charlie gave her that $100,000 WAY before she tweeted "Missing Something?" to that boy band, so, sorry, Blowhan, your broken phone excuse doesn't work.

644 days ago


Lindsay I am sure at this point in your "career" you would be eligible for those free phones you no Assurance and Safelink. You could use it all the time to call drug dealers, the IRS, to say trhank you to people that try and help you. And here's a thought when I have problems with my phone I go to the providers website and loook up my calls and I have to this date have had no problems finding the numbers I need.But I am not homeless and I pay for my phone and interne service and I go to work. I am just weird like that you know paying bills and all.

644 days ago

Suzy Q     

LOL! She's the Queen of Lame Excuses and Fake Moles (or Giant Blackheads - you decide)

644 days ago


It only takes a sec to say thank you. Her phone supposedly broke around the same time? She really have excuses for everything. I mean come on, he gave you $100k, wow. Say her phone really broke, what about Twitter? Log in to a laptop or ask your handlers to use their phone to log in just to shoot a thank you message on Twitter. She's ungrateful. People like that you just don't help. I say thank you for everything. Someone can give me a lollipop, it's an automatic thank you. I have manners and I appreciate everything people do for me because remember they didn't have to, they chose to.

644 days ago


I think Charlie may want a little more than just flowers

644 days ago

dreamon's called iCloud. Look it up.

644 days ago
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