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Katt Williams


at Subway

12/21/2012 4:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

6:20 AM
-- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Katt and Suge each received citations at the scene.

Katt was cited for parking too close to a fire hydrant. Suge received a ticket related to multiple outstanding traffic warrants. 

Katt Williams was detained by police in front of a Subway restaurant in West Hollywood Thursday night after cops suspected the comic was involved in some sort of "disturbance" at the restaurant, TMZ has learned ...  but Katt says he did nothing wrong.

Katt tells TMZ ... the drama began while he was waiting in front of the Subway while his friend/tour manager Suge Knight was getting a manicure/pedicure at a nearby nail salon.

While he was waiting for Suge, cops arrived to the Subway and confronted Katt.

Cops tell TMZ ... they responded to a call about a disturbance involving the comic.

Katt was handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car ... where he was smiling ... and even gave a thumbs up to a TMZ photog.

Eventually, Katt was released from custody and allowed to leave the scene.

Katt tells TMZ ... cops initially took some weed he was carrying at the time ... and a gun ... but eventually gave back both items because he had a medical marijuana card and a permit for the weapon.

However cops tell us ... there was no firearm ... and the only thing they found was an empty magazine for a .45 caliber gun.

Katt also says the incident was racially motivated.

Katt tells TMZ he wants to sue over the incident ... and is already thinking about contacting Gloria Allred ... it's unclear if he was joking.

After Katt had been released from custody, one Subway employee brought sandwiches for Katt and Suge. The Subway employee tells TMZ ... he never saw Katt involved in any sort of physical altercation.

It's only been 13 days since Katt's last arrest -- he was busted outside of Sacramento on Dec. 7 on a felony warrant related to a police chase.

Besides the arrests, Katt has a TON of other legal issues he's dealing with these days ... including the fallout from a bar fight in which he allegedly threw a rock at a car, a lawsuit over a bizarre onstage meltdown, and of course ... slapping a Target employee in the face.


No Avatar


WTF is wrong with this guy?

678 days ago


That's called a"Follow up"

678 days ago


this Bozo is the biggest attention whore!

678 days ago

Chocolate Drop    

Stop hangin around Suge Katt.

678 days ago


This guy made himself a target with all of his antics. Those cops knew he didn't do anything or whoever called it in knew he didn't do anything but him willingly inviting trouble is what caused the police to start with him. To "check him out". Seattle PD and every other department in America is getting in on the fun? Of course fruity West Hollywood wants in too. Believe me I don't like the police because they're full of sh!t a lot of times. They can try to trump up charges on this guy because he racks up citations and arrests like it's nothing.

678 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Seriously, this pathetic loser does not have long to live.... The trouble he's getting himself into can only have one end.... And his ridiculous thug of an a-hole "manager," should not be anywhere near an "empty magazine for a .45 caliber gun." He's on mega-probation, and I can't even believe he's allowed on the streets. My prediction: death by homicide for both of 'em within the new year. World will be a better place, actually....

678 days ago


Clearly this guy is a racist. "I'll let my black president handle the rest". Imagine Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks or John Boehner saying I'll let my "White President" handle that. Everyone would be on their asses about what a racist comment that was. But TMZ doesnt say a word. Such a double standard in this country. I believe the biggest racist around are blacks themselves. Always playing the race card. Give everyone a freakin break. TMZ should call him out on that racist comment. But they won't. Harvey won't. He's afraid of the backlash and he too will be accused of racism. He only wants the money to keep rolling in.

678 days ago


The photo of the blue police lights in Katt's face might as well be a permanent birthmark..he runs into the police so much.

678 days ago


Those cops messing with him huh? Just because hes funny doesnt mean hes going to be in a friendly mood when some bs has gone down, does it Katt?

678 days ago


He's got my vote for "Most likely to be found in an alley...dead with his pants around his ankles in 2013"

678 days ago


what did he do walk out on his shift!, he never could hold a job just a weapon!.

677 days ago


He belongs in a cage. Just don't get him wet (a Gremlins movie reference).

677 days ago


I find it disturbing that he is allowed to carry guns

677 days ago


Katt its not healthy to hang around Suge just ask tupac....oh wait ya cant. Suge has given Kat the owwwww weee and hes flipped out Kat best advice I can ya ruuuuun before u get got Suges a cold killer and he doesnt take bei g fired lightly!!!!

677 days ago


kat williams is on the jefferey's that's why.

677 days ago
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