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LeAnn Rimes


12/20/2012 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LeAnn Rimes tells TMZ ... she was NOT drunk when she performed on "X Factor" Wednesday night, contrary to LOTS of speculation.
LeAnn says she was in no way impaired, and any awkwardness was because "I was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song."

LeAnn believes Carly Rose Sonenclar was very nervous and had difficulty with some of the notes and she was doing her best to help her get through it. 

LeAnn's lawyer, Larry Stein, who spoke with LeAnn a few minutes ago, tells TMZ "LeAnn was not performing the way she would normally perform, because she was on stage with a young girl."

LeAnn says she does not understand why people believe she was drunk. Stein has a theory:  "There have been a lot of untrue things said by others and it feeds into this sort of thing."

One mystery remains -- we found out LeAnn made a plate of food backstage and spilled it everywhere. Stein told us he didn't know anything about that, but LeAnn insists she was stone cold sober.


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Okay - I *never* comment - but, I can't let this go..

There was only ONE person having trouble with the song -- and, I guarantee you - it wasn't the "little girl"..

Shame on Leanne!

642 days ago


correction...13 year old.

642 days ago


This reminds me of something that Jenna Maroney from 30 Rock would do! ahahaha... the whole hot mess trying to outshine the youngster, blaming her, taking credit for helping her. Sheesh.

642 days ago


helping someone having trouble with the song is singing really really bad so they sound better? Is that her theory?

642 days ago


Pathetic....that's all I have to say. Seriously .....

642 days ago


I'm a little shocked that she would blame her performance on this young lady before the finale has even aired. What was weird to me is how much animation she had in her face and the way she was projecting lyrics...she was all over the board, not Carly Rose. Leann needs to QUIT worrying about what others say in the media or she's going to lose it worst than she already has. Don't read it!!!!

642 days ago


i see the rehab helped her a lot.. and yes it was for twitter.. not for anything else. forgot that.. and that little girl she was singing with has amazing voice and so LeAnne did not have to do anything different except to sing the best she could as to not make the little girl look bad.. and if she failed to do that .. its on LeAnn. not the little girl who she was singing with ... if she hurt that little girls chances of winning LeAnn will be hated .,.. i mean hated.. for what she did to that little girl last night.. there is no reason to hurt that little girl who has worked so very hard .. the kid is 13 years old.. after all and she worked to get there only for LeAnn drunkness to get in the way

642 days ago


Carly was extremely pitchy, and you could tell she had never shared the stage with such a big star as LeAnn Rimes.

642 days ago


You know "Hallelujah" the song that Carly Rose sang is about an orgasm right? Why would you have a 13 year old song a song with such strong sexual overtones?

642 days ago


LeAnn's legal team trying to keep her from being sued. I'm fairly certain that showing up 'impaired' is a violation of contract.....bad enough she probably ruined Carly's chances of winning.. but how low cam you go to blame the 13 yr old contestant for 'you' lack of professionalism.... XFactor should have stopped her before she hit the stage so they are partly to blame also.

642 days ago


I watch X-Factor and have seen Carly Rose tackle BIG artist such as Mariah Carey and Celine Dion and nailing it every time. How dare Leann try and justify her performance by saying Carly Rose was nervous and having a difficult time with the notes... What a pathetic excuse!

642 days ago


Please, she was drunk as skunk! Carly did not need any help, she unfortunately ended up helping LeAnn through the performance! I truly hope this doesn't end up costing Carly her X-factor victory..

642 days ago


The performance was terrible. Now that I look at the video again, the issue at hand was that their voices do not mix at all. It seemed like they have never rehearsed before. You could see this as their timing with one another was extremely off at times and they often had to signal to each other when you start singing. Now that I watch it again, I don't think that any one of them was necessarily off key, but that they do have different way of singing and that showed. Aside from that though, Leann is indeed a train wreck and it was extremely low of her to blame the girl when all of America is aware of how talented she is. At times it did seem like Leann was trying to overpower the powerhouse that is Carly Rose but Demi did the exact same thing to Fifth Harmony last night so I won't nitpick with one and not the other.

642 days ago


Yeah right she wasn't drunk. Oh look! A unicorn! With rainbows shooting out of its ass!

642 days ago

Celebrity injustice    

You people forget that LeAnn and Carly rehearsed this monstrosity the day before and were each cooing about each other on TWITTER. So with all that rehearsing this is the assault on our ears? LeAnn is circling the drain as I write this...

642 days ago
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