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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Divorce Hang Up Is


12/23/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1222_demi_ashton_01Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher don’t have kids to argue over so money has become the default source of conflict ... ironic since both of them are loaded.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the sticking point in the divorce has been that Demi wanted the same type of settlement from Ashton that she got from Bruce Willis. We do not know the details of the Willis-Moore settlement, but sources tell us she scored big time.

Demi is FAR richer than Ashton -- the value of her New York Apartment alone is around $25 mil.

As TMZ first reported, Ashton waited for more than a year before filing for divorce Friday because he wanted to give Demi the dignity of doing it first ... but she never pulled the trigger. Other sources say Demi was waiting for a financial resolution.

What’s curious is that filing for divorce earlier would have made more sense ... because they still have to wait six months before the divorce is final.


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Mike L    

IF she is in fact looking for money from him, she's the ultimate golddigger. Like she didn't get enough when she screwed over Bruce. God, get a job bitch!! If you could act worth a damn you could make your own money.

648 days ago


when will celebs learn that the "Urkel" glasses make them look super ridiculous?

648 days ago


Why should she be entitled to anything...Demi, get a grip and simply move on!

648 days ago


No one is gonna starve....

648 days ago


Just because the first husband forked over to Moore, why should the second husband be saddled with the same deal. Moore is just a plain old cow.

648 days ago


they're both rich as hell. who gives a ****

648 days ago


she's making herself look more and more pathetic

648 days ago


Gee, money is the issue in a Hollywood divorce, go figure.

648 days ago


don't be a cry baby now demi - when you marry a guy half your age .... did you really expect him to stick around while you aged??? it was all so cool until it fizzled. too bad so sad. get over it. marry someone your own age.

648 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

"It's about money" - Bullsh*t, it's about putting the maximum amount of hurt on Ashton and money is just one of the proxies she is using to inflict that hurt.

648 days ago


Demi Moore should take the "HIGH ROAD" and amicably give Ashton Kutcher his freedom without "ANY" burdensome financial strings attached. She wanted an "ILLUSION" of "ENDLESS YOUTH", but propping it up became too much of a strain on her "MENTAL HEALTH". We all live and "WE LEARN"!!! Both parties "BENEFITED" PR wise from the relationship. I can understand her "DESIRE" for compensation but that doesn't mean she's actually entitled to a settlement comparable to what Bruce Willis paid her. Ashton Kutcher was a successful celebrity before they hooked up. His boyish charm, good looks and marketing savvy is what has made him pretty damn wealthy. In general, the "SHELF LIFE" of actors is somewhat longer than actresses. From the beginning, their careers were simply going in opposite directions. The "TRUTH" hurts but it will also "SET YOU FREE"!!! The relationship was an "ILLUSION" that she pursued to benefit her own stalled acting career. Aston Kutcher shouldn't be "PUNISHED" because "IT DIDN'T LAST FOREVER"!!!

648 days ago


Those older than him step kids are not going to cut it he needs his own NEWBORN child!
Neither will a SENIOR wife that is making retirement plans

648 days ago


It's not about $$$ she's just hurt! Get over it Demi ! You're not getting any younger....

647 days ago


Ashton married Demi knowing her age. She did not hide her age or her children. She entered into the marriage contract with him in good faith. Part of this contract is fidelity which apparently he thought was optional. He filed for the divorce because he wants the divorce and he will most likely pay for his infidelity. She should receive a settlement and alimony and she should not settle for less nor does she deserve less. As for being a catch not so much. once a cheater always a cheater so she is better off yes, and he will pay the filing fees. $$$$$$$$

647 days ago


Demi you had to be naive to think a young guy would stay with you for long. all Ashton saw in you was a hardbody g.I. Jane. Then realized its not as hard as it once was. Grow up, move on. Your the one acting immature.

647 days ago
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