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Lindsay Lohan

Hey LiLo

What's in the Cup?

12/23/2012 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1222_lindsay_lohan_tmz_wmLindsay Lohan celebrated the birthdays of two of her siblings last night in NYC, but the cup with the salted rim in front of her makes you wonder ... how much celebrating did she do? 

According to our sources, Lindsay dined out with mother Dina, siblings Cody, Ali and Michael Jr., and even Lindsay's grandmother. It was a double celebration -- Ali turned 19 yesterday and Michael Jr. turned 25 the day before.

TMZ obtained a photo from the dinner ... and our eyes were immediately drawn to the drink in front of Lindsay ... the one with the salted rim.

But sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ the drink was a VIRGIN strawberry margarita and it wasn't Lindsay's ... it was her grandmother's.  

You go Granny.


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Pound Sand    

Of course it was her Grandmother's drink .....dumbazz already drank hers.

638 days ago



I'm the one being dumb? TMZ purchased the picture. They put their hashmark on it. Look at all TMZ pics, you can tell the ones they bought because they have the hashmark so no one else can take it and put it on the site. Those without hashmarks are public property and anyone can use.

How do you know that the wait staff didn't take the picture for them? Lohan's sold the picture of their good friends did... I really doubt they pose for fans like that at a family dinner. But believe what you want. At least I'm not the dumb one!

638 days ago

Pound Sand    

If I had to sit next to Lindsay I would have to drink too.

638 days ago


LOL... look at the enablers resorting to calling commenters names. Even Jill! It's the only retort they have on a story like this, where they can't deny what we're saying!

638 days ago


Who cares? She's a grown woman.

638 days ago


Bull...I can see a different drink in front of grandma

638 days ago


simple fact is it's nobody's business what she's drinking. she's over 21 so it's not illegal, if it was alcohol, it's not against her probation and she wasn't driving. so whatever she was drinking, it's her business and her's alone.

638 days ago


What grandmother drinks a virgin margarita? Jeez!

638 days ago


Yeah and the glass full of soda or juice we all see right in front of Gradma?.. who's is that? Besides, no one is buying the BS, we all know Lindsay is and has been drinking. Hell she was drinking while at Betty Ford.

638 days ago

Good riddance!    

So, more of the usual lies that she's not a drunken whore that's out of control....

And now she's going to try yet another ridiculous lawsuit because she's already blown all of her cash drinking, snorting, and partying non-stop. Nothing will ever change.

638 days ago


Hey enablers.... when someone goes to the press and says they don't drink, and then they sell a picture to the press with a drink in front of us, IT BECOMES OUR BUSINESS, and we have every right to comment on it.

638 days ago


Grab that cash and sell that "private" photo, Crackie! 'Cause Momma Crackie is going to need it when those jail doors slam shut on your sorry a*ss. Listen up enablers who foolishly think that social media outlets bully your precious Crackie. She sells these photos to TMZ and ROL on a daily basis. She has even invited paps into her crack dens for photo ops, otherwise we wouldn't have been blessed with footage of her getting ready for Kartrashian's phony wedding. She LIVES for this attention. When she did her last Vanity Fair interview, the magazine asked the paps who were outside of the building how they knew that Crackie was there. They all said SHE called them. Also, she crack tweets 24/7. So SHE creates this circus and then sells it for public consumption. And then she whines about being "bullied" when social media outlets post unflattering,but true, reports on her. Only She, and SHE alone, can stop this circus. It's called getting your sh*it together and stop being a law breaking famewh*ore. And since that will NEVER happen, FAT MIKE will continue to post his upteenth Lilo story this weekend.

638 days ago


who did granny spawn? DUIna or mmilo?

638 days ago


Here's the issue Jill. If Blohan wants to drink, be my guest,have at it but for God's sake, STOP LYING about it. She's regularly pap'd with either a cracktail in hand or on a bottle on a table or bureau, NO ONE gives a fvck.

638 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

Lindsay drinking is not the problem- we make comments about it because she is a compulsive liar who claims she is so clean and sober yet obviously isn't. She puts herself in these positions to be mocked.

638 days ago
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