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Michael Jackson's

Driver's License

Stone-Faced Stare

12/24/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the last driver's license photo Michael Jackson ever took -- a big change from the singer's cheery license photo from the 1980s.

The latest photo was taken in 2005 -- four years before the King of Pop's untimely death -- and you can tell from the harrowing image ... MJ had become a tortured soul.

An image of MJ's 1980s driver's license was released by the FBI shortly after Michael died -- as part of the agency's massive file on the singer. The Bureau compiled the dossier during its investigation into child sex allegations involving the singer back in the 90s.

As you can see, Michael was a much different person back then -- smiling brightly for his photo at the DMV.

Of course, it's not like MJ ever put the license to much use -- he was pretty much exclusively chauffeured around, especially in the later years of his life.


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Such a shame... Basically, a prisoner in his own body, for so, so, so many reasons. Way too much of a burden for one person to bear alone, which is why he couldn't sleep and needed help. But what a fantastic talent.

671 days ago

get real    

Very sad! Botched Plastic surgery. He Looked Almost Happy. What Happened By the year 2005? He looked Les Miserable....

671 days ago

pete shallac    

I wonder if he had to wait 3 hours or did he get put to the front of the line.

671 days ago


Silly me. I never imagined Michael Jackson driving. Did he ever drive? What did he drive? I'd love to see that picture.

671 days ago


Ahhhh..Michael Jackson, the gift that keeps on giving..
TMZ must have been saving this one, to get them over, the Christmas hump....
This picture would be taken about a month after the BS SHOW TRIAL and TABLOID EXTRAVAGANZA,., that destroyed Michael Jacksons life, ended...
In hindsight , we now know the District Atty knew full well before he set foot in that courtroom , the Gavin Arvizo , and his family were liars and had pulled this same scam before..
That the Arvizo family was full of it.
That Jason Francia was full of it
That the Chandler family was full of it
That his crackerjack 1108 witnesses were full of it.
He was just counting on his tabloid friends to sway the jury.
But they saw who was really the ones that were full of it
And exonerated the man...
The press might have swayed the public by misrepresenting what was actually happening in the courtroom, but ..
Thanks to court transcripts, and FBI files , the truth is out and becoming more mainstream..
May the Arvizo, Francia, and Chandler families , as well as Maureen Orth, Diane Dimond ,Nancy Grace , Martin Bashir, Larry Feldman, and their minions , the dist atty Sneddon , Zonen and Auchincloss have long and SCRUTINIZED lives for the heist these people tried to pull off.
They all look like sh@t...because , they are..

Merry Christmas everyone.
Rest in Peace Michael, missed by millions..

671 days ago



671 days ago

Scott Rodriguez    

That's intense

671 days ago


What the crap?! Over the last 10 years, BMVs from across the country have made a policy that you can't smile in driver's license photos. The last couple pics I had taken for my ID, I wasn't allowed to smile. The guy is dead. Cut him a break.

671 days ago


Isn't everybody a "tortured soul" at the DMV?

671 days ago


I would love to see everyone at TMZ license pictures also, and compare them to those taken of them 20 years before

671 days ago


Jackson was a self indulgent drug addicted pedophile. Seriously mentally ill. and anyone who can't see that is just kidding themselves

671 days ago


Well at least he lived most of his life as a happy man it wasn't until the last 15 years of his life that he seem to be sad!

671 days ago


And the purpose for this?????

671 days ago


Are you kidding now. Driver License photos... most look like they belong in the Post Office and they never come out nice. Me as one, whether you smile or don't, still a small square photo doesn't do people justice. Get over yourslelves TMZ.

671 days ago


TMZ seriously Michael Jackson is no longer here it's Christmas Eve his 3 children are without their beloved father. TMZ what's the point of this article? 2005 was the worst time of Michaels life a time that destroyed him. You really want to bring this up? I know this is another way to gain ratings! Plus everyone knows that in the past few years we are requested not to smile at the RMV..Please leave him alone let him rest in peace ! I swear tabloid and the media are worse then bullies! Just because you have no connection to someone it does not give anyone the right to put them down. I believe Michael was beautiful on the inside and out in every stage of his life. We need to focus more on his talent music, messages, and humanitarian efforts. R.i.P MJ

671 days ago
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