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Kim K.

NO TV Deal

for Baby Kimye

1/1/2013 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have already made a huge decision about their unborn child -- he or she will NOT be a reality TV star ... not as an infant, anyway, TMZ has learned.

While most of the Kardashians' lives are fodder for their hit reality show ... sources close to Kim tell us she and Kanye don't want their baby dragged into the family biz.

We're told K&K want to keep that part of their lives separate from "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" ... so they can "ensure real privacy" for the baby.

Further, we're told Kim is saying the baby will NEVER be on the family's show or have its own spin-off -- nor will there be a 'Kim Gives Birth' TV special ... she and Kanye are nixing that idea too.

However, Kim will not be shy about her remaining months of pregnancy. We're told she intends to share that with reality cameras because she thinks being "pregnant is great and cute."

Call us when the cravings and stretch marks start.


No Avatar


"pregnancy is great and cute"...and lucrative. yáll just wait. you thought the blue ivy era was insane...ain't seen nothing yet.

658 days ago


Well, Kim says ALOT of things lol I'll have to see her not sell her baby for publicity to believe it.

658 days ago


In other announcements... Lindsay Lohan will stay out of trouble in 2013.


658 days ago


I find it hard to believe that two parents of an "Unborn" child will have any say, or will not change their mind down the road. This is totally GLITTER on the PR angle.

658 days ago


OK they want privacy. I am having a hard time believing that after they announced the pregnancy on stage. She also belongs to a reality show and thought she was famous enough and had enough clout to go and request an audiance with Kate in England. So sorry but I am not believing , "We want privacy " bit.

658 days ago


Once these two media whores realize the path they have chosen and don't have a choice they will surely cash in on baby ATM.

658 days ago


She si a Liar like always. To keep the baby out of the spotlight she would have to stay away from the baby or use Michale Jackson technique . she won't be able to get into the car with the baby without being shoot . and Kanye proved how much he can keep a secret . his family won't be able to see the baby because they could take pictures and sell them

658 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

Babies are an amazing blessing, but these two ****t@rds all they see is cha-CHING $$$$$. Its a flipping payday for these dipsh!ts (. More publicity for there scripted "reality" show to produce ratings. Funny how they act like it was so unexpected, when the truth of the matter was was planned all along. What a bunch of trash!

658 days ago


Still occupying news with garbage I see. Kartrashians aren't worth the time it takes to print, uneducated sluts and gold diggers.
We are all less intelligent for having herd them speak, too bad Lanza didn't waste them instead.

658 days ago

BB not bb    

If Kim has to take care of the baby and the baby can't be on the show, then how can Kim be on the show? Isn't this what Kris Humphries was after, getting Kim to give up her career to go have kids? Maybe Kanye is just more slick, but the result is ending up the same.

I don't see how it hurt baby Mason to be on the show. It is cute watching him grow up there. To me, this sounds fishy and almost like Kanye and Kris H are working for the same people trying to get Kim out of the spotlight.

Despite all of the negative troll comments here and there, I think Kim is a good role model for young girls. She has self respect, dignity, is a shrewd businessperson, and is a Christian with a kind heart. Maybe they want more negative and opinionless people to be famous instead.

I am trying to picture Kanye sticking with her until death do they part. It is hard to imagine. When was the last time he has been nice for this long? I think Kim is a trusting person meaning that she has the word sucker writeen on her forehead. Then the players can target her and take advantage of her.

Courtney is very picky and Khloe is very sassy but Kim is just very idealistic. Even though she and Kanye look affectionate and happy, she always looks very subdued around him. I wonder if she is just trying extra hard to make something work, or if he has cast her under the spell of his charm for a season.

I could be wrong but that is my impression.

658 days ago


It's ok for her to be seen on the "Family show" with Mason.. but not ok for their baby.. I think this sounds more like a play for more money or Kanye not wanting any part of their baby on the show.

Regardless I'm sure they will have a cute baby.

658 days ago


As soon as Kris Jenner gets a hold of this kid she will whore it out like she did with all her kids. Because there is no reason for the Kardashian's to be famous anyway. just have kim take off her makeup and she's ugly and Kanye you suck too. I see no reason to hear anymore about this stupid couple.

658 days ago


Yeah right! I'll believe this when Kim stops with the self promotion especially tweeting and Instagraming.

658 days ago


Isn't it amazing how this is supposed to be the last thing we talk about concerning 2012? Kim and Kanye are such self serving leather pants wearing attention seekers.

658 days ago


They're full of crap. They're gonna milk it for all the millions they can get.

658 days ago
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