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LeAnn Rimes

Back to Her Old

THONG Habits

1/7/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0107_leann_rimes_bikini_launchA rehabbed LeAnn Rimes got a fresh start to the new year ... by, once again, frolicking on the beach in a skimpy bikini for photographers in Mexico.

Just a few months after checking into rehab for stress and anxiety due to (according to her) the effects of social media ... the 30-year-old stepmother of two showed off her sexy slender physique in a thong two-piece swimsuit.

What better way is there to deal with the pressures of being judged on Facebook and Twitter ... than by showing off your womanly goods so everyone can Facebook and tweet about them?


No Avatar


she has got a banging bod...

656 days ago


She looks awesome! PS I can't stand country music.

656 days ago


I see that this website is back to its old habits as well and that is sticking its nose into what is NOT its business. Get a new hobby!!!

God bless LeAnn always!!!

Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

656 days ago


I don't understand why everyone hates her so much? It's like every little things that she does, she gets hated on. Because she cheated on his ex? Not everyone's god...we all did something bad in our lives. She regretted it and apologized. Maybe it's time to move on? How come Angelina doesn't get treated the same. Anyways. Back on topic...I mean...if she still got it, why not show it. Her body looks great to me.

656 days ago


C'mon guys - Leann annoys me as much as any of you but criticizing her body here is a tad delusional and IS comming mostly from out of shape people however much they deny it. She might not have the most feminine shape out there but she does look fit, toned and healthy - I'd say her BMI is around 20-21 here. A little critiquing of women's bodies when they run around half naked is to be expected but I swear some of you just hate all women's bodies full stop - EVERY woman is either a "whale" or a "lardass" or a "bag of bones" or "built like a 12 year old boy" to some TMZ commentors. Leann is toned, but if she were voluptous I can guarantee you would all hate that too. I'd prefer to look at Leann that skinny-fat Kate Upton who looks like she's never done a squat in her life.

656 days ago


Hideous troll.

656 days ago


It seems as though the same few stupid b a s t ar ds keep posting the SAME sh!t about her!!!!!!!! I think it's ONE creepy, low-life, phuktard who lives in his mother's basement and has no life whatsoever!
He she probably weighs 400 lbs., and sits on his/her fat, LAZY ass and copy and pastes all day long! You probably depend on others to support you!
You cannot possibly have a decent or quality life. Obviously, THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Spending it posting comments about someone you have never met, nor will ever get an opportunity to meet! Please, post a picture of your ugly-ass mug so that we can all see what a real coward looks like!

You know, the one who posts all of these rude, hateful comments about people you don't even know! You live in a fantasy world! People who continue to post this kind of s hit, day in & day out like this has a helluva lot more issues than Leanne Rimes has on her worst day! Come on PEOPLE!!! Get out! Get a life of your own!!!! When I read some of these, I have to wonder what you must look like!

Seriously! You people cannot possibly be decent, healthy, hardworking men and women with a life or a family of your own! I cannot even begin to imagine that people who sit and do this all the time can even have a significant other, or friends!

The next time anyone of you post a negative comment about someone that you don't know- I'm directing this to the people who spend their lives here, just take a look in the mirror! Take a second and think about what you accomplish in YOUR own life! Do you actually love your life...?

Are you living it? It honetly appears as though you are living a fantasy! Your life is passing you by, all the while you are sitting there judging someone else's WHO IS ACTUALLY LIVING HER LIFE! I would have to say, LeAnn and all the other celebrities are getting the last laugh ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK! You people really ought to think about doing something fun, maybe something physical, like getting away from your computer for awhile and be productive and creative for a change!

656 days ago


She looks fabulous!!!!

655 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

wake up leanne once a cheater always a cheater. What he did to his wife he'll do to you. If he ever says he's hanging with the boys yeah right to fall for that lie.

655 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

wake up leanne once a cheater always a cheater. What he did to his wife he'll do to you. If he ever says he's hanging with the boys yeah right don't fall for that lie.

655 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Eddie is a s!ut that will fck anything I bet.. typical cheater. I bet he's cheater on leanne... sad and I bet she thinks she's the only one that he's b@ngging... cheater cheater....

655 days ago


Does she sing anymore ? Nobody is perfect LeAnn, just face it and stop trying to over compensate ALLLL the time. Sing a song already

654 days ago


I'm so disappointed in how she's turned out. She was such a talented, sweet little girl, but she grew up to be such a slag.

652 days ago


Still ugly...

652 days ago


No ass and a butter face.

652 days ago
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