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'Hangover' Director

Stalker Situation Is

Very Fatal Attractiony

1/7/2013 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As the saying goes ... don't bang crazy -- something "Hangover" director Todd Phillips shoulda known back in 2011, when he claims he had a one-night stand with the woman who's allegedly been stalking him.

Todd obtained a temporary restraining order today against 22-year-old Juliana Shiao, claiming she's been harassing him non-stop since he had a "one-night relationship" with her nearly two years ago. Kinda like "Fatal Attraction" ... without the bunny boiling.

In the legal docs, Todd says he met her on a movie set the year before -- and after their night together, she went off the rails ... texting him non-stop, showing up at his house, and even following him to Vegas last November.

After the Vegas scare, Todd says Shiao showed up at his L.A. home and destroyed his girlfriend's car -- kicking it in and tearing off the windshield wipers -- after texting him things like, "I really don't wanna be a stalker ... I'm going to hop over your fence ... [and] smash your girlfriend's car if you don't come out."

TMZ broke the story ... Shiao was arrested outside Todd's home last week on suspicion of stalking -- and in the court docs, Todd says it seemed she had been secretly staying in his pool house for days. 

Shiao pled "not guilty" today to the felony stalking charge. A hearing is set for later this month to determine whether Todd's civil restraining order will be made permanent.


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654 days ago


Again, why is the alleged stalker's age part of the story but not the director's? Give both ages or neither, I don't care. But cripes TMZ isn't the one single journalist or editor on the entire staff? The site must be making money. Why is it illiterate sometimes and poorly written so much of the time?

654 days ago

Joe Blowe    

Is she hot?? We're gonna need to see pics of this girl.
Poor reporting so far, TMZ

654 days ago


Why are you banging a 22 yr old girl you old pervert.

654 days ago

Throwback kid    

Wow, Imagine when this stalker is just kicking back having a few beers with his stalker buddies and they are chatting about how all their stalking careers are going? Most of his stalker pals are probably stalking A list celebs, then they ask him how his stalking is going and he says great, I'm stalking Todd Phillips! The other stalkers are like who is that? Imagine going through all the trouble of stalking, the time, money etc that it s takes to stalk properly and you pick a loser like Todd Phillips? This stalker is a disgrace to the stalking comminity

654 days ago


Right, this story just gets deeper and deeper. She was secretly staying in your pool house? Oh dear god, this man should shut up and stop talking.

654 days ago


Mmmmm what is the stalker attracted to too??? You're not even cute.

654 days ago

travis arrendale    

Hes honestly a really good director. I saw one of the first movies he ever filmed. Its called Hated a do***entary about GG Allin.

654 days ago


Todd Phillips, you are about to be found out to be a liar and a cheat. If no one has actually READ this guy's explanation????
She text him non-stop, followed him to Vegas, even showed up to his house and he said nothing?
He claims she threatened him via text before actually jumping a fence and smashing his girlfriend's car?
Now all of a sudden he's claiming she's been supposedly hiding out in his pool house for a few days and he knew nothing? If that's true, why did she have the need to JUMP OVER THE FENCE if she's already in the yard.
Todd Phillips, Juliana Shiao. John Lennon and Yoko Ono. **** hit the fan back then when John's wife found out about Yoko living in the pool house. Does this sound familiar?

654 days ago


That's what you get manwhore

654 days ago


That'll learn him! Sleep with some chick he just met. Haha.

Better news would be who washed their hair first this year, Brad Pitt or Matt the hornball TMZ reporter?

654 days ago


this guy took advantage of a 22 yr old and his movies are absolutely terrible

654 days ago


If he had a girlfriend, how come he slept with another woman? I call BOGUS on this. He's gotta be 65 or older. No way did this disheveled dude get one girl in bed, let alone two. Bet he's the one making the calls and begging for sex.

654 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Todd!: Make a movie about this, LMFAO.
This is just like his movies.
Directors work about 18 hours a day, minimum.
So he looked to the set for a little "strange", and BOY, did he get strange!!!
And her fantasies of becoming Mrs. "Hangover" Phillips and sitting next to him at the Oscars were dashed. lol
Staying in his pool house is a nice touch.
(It's also really common for stalkers to do this kind of "move-in' stuff on celebrities.)
I'm sure the girlfriend is just thrilled, lol.
Wonder if she knew he was sampling the on-set wares?
"Craft services", indeed!!!
Glad he's getting this b!t@h legally under control.

654 days ago


Sounds like Todd has been having a nasty "one night stand" hangover ever since he met this girl Juliana.

I bet Todd is wondering ... oh my god, I hope she's not like that total psycho girl from Arizona Jodi Arias who shot and stabbed the Mormon boyfriend she was stalking 27 times.

What is going on with these good looking women losing their minds and going psycho these days? A girl needs to know when to hit the road and find someone else. Lots of girls get dumped just like us guys do. Just get over it!

654 days ago
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